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“Super Cool” by AV Super Sunshine

“Super Cool” is the brand new single, from the eclectic artist, known as AV Super Sunshine. It’s a relatively straightforward electronic piece that has the potential to be danceable. AV Sunshine has made something of a reputation for himself, with a body of work that can be described as many things. To his credit, predictable is not a description that applies to him. With a title like “Super Cool” a song that can either entice or underwhelm.

AV Super Sunshine would probably not be accused of subtlety, in most instances. However, with “Super Cool,” he actually achieves that to some extent. It’s not a song that insists on itself, and nor should it. It’s most digestible as something that feels effortless and perfectly content with it’s own detachment. After all, cool is most often a result of not trying to be in the first place. 

In an era where apathy has taken on such a consuming and complex presence, it’s interesting to draw any potential parallels between being apathetic and being cool. After all, both are achieved by not caring. Now of course, you can be cool by caring, but especially when it comes to youth, the concept of “whatever,” takes on an almost zen like quality. In the case of AV Super Sunshine, it seems as though he does care, but not enough to want to fit in. 

Now, according to AV, himself, “Super Cool” was heavily inspired by some sort of correspondence he had developed with none other than Lady Gaga. The story is that he and The Fame Monster, herself, had developed a kinship by communicating through some unspecified “social media pages.” And that when Gaga’s acting career took off, she was advised to take down, said pages. It’s just this sort of sensationalism that AV Super Sunshine is known for, and in all honesty, it seems to be working for him. He has consistently constructed his own narrative, and can adjust it at his own discretion. 

“Super Cool” is AV Sunshine’s response to his discontinued rapport with a major pop star. He envisions himself as the cool kid in school, as a result of his disenfranchisement. It’s unclear if the incident left AV with any real emotional wounds. Obviously, the experience had enough of a residual impact, to inspire him to pen “Super Cool.” AV Super Sunshine is the type of artist that doesn’t stay down for long, if he even allows himself to get there, in the first place.

AV Sunshine’s work may not always be regarded as the pinnacle of musical sophistication, but I do believe there is at least a degree of social significance. “Super Cool” is about owning the negative things that life may throw at you, and spinning it into something positive. Who cares what the definition of cool, really is? Much like your Music, or whatever your passion is, not everyone is going to like it, but that’s ok. As long as you believe in what you do, and in yourself, then that’s the coolest. 

Mindy McCall

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