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Stefanie Bennett Releases Heart On The Run – with EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Native New Jersey Music Powerhouse Stefanie Bennett is no stranger to success, as anyone who has followed her career can well attest. Now, Stefanie Bennett is back with a vengeance!

in a new track written, produced, published by herself and engineered by Robert Federici of The Polygon, in Cherry Hill, NJ, Stefanie is breaking all the boundaries and exploding onto the dance scene with the release of Heart On The Run, which is now available in 9 definitive mixes, all with a edgy sound that is hypnotic and stellar.

Heart On The Run has high energy beat that drives you, lyrically it tells a story of strength, taking personal heartbreak and turning it into triumph.

She has stolen the hearts of dance music fans around the world with a sound that is a culmination of driving dance beats, smooth melodies, and powerful, yet seductive vocals.

From her debut in 1993 to today, Stefanie Bennett has made it her goal to be the best, to stay on target with fresh and innovative music composition. She has and continues to receive radio, mixshow, and club success, her music spinning on over 25 Rhythmic radio stations across the U.S. and Canada. Stefanie is a well respected entity in the music industry and is a well-known hip hop choreographer and dance instructor, Stefanie is most at home when she is on stage.

Stefanie Bennett has a magnetism and stage presence you can’t help but be drawn to. She has done it all from playing venues throughout the country as a headliner to working with some the greatest talent in the industry.

Every one of her past releases have found success on radio, internet downloads, and dance floors across the country.

With her unique vocal style, pop hooks that “grab on” and won’t let go, her latest musical performance will prove why her legions of fans have been so loyal.

IndiePulse Music Interviewed Stefanie Bennett about this release and her inspirations in music and life.

IPM: Stefanie,  what were your initial inspirations to become such an intriguing performance artist, and how do you feel it has brought you to where your career is now?

A passion for dance, it was always an outlet for me as a young woman.  It was escape.  That coupled with my desire to sing and create made it an inevitable reality for me that music was something I HAD to do.  Almost as if I didn’t have a choice. My father used to play every instrument and teach music lessons.  He and my mother had a cover band together.  My brother was a drummer and a deejay. He used to make me come down to the bASEment during his house parties and dance battle his friends when I was about 11.  

IPM: What was the inspiration for Heart On The Run, from the way you have performed it, the song sounds very much like a personal story, and has a feeling of personal triumph, can you give me your feelings on this?

Heart On The Run is a song that I wrote when I finally decided that I really need to find a way to accept the reality of my failed marriage.  That I cannot wait any longer for him to decide to love me again.  I was sitting here waiting for something to happen, a reunion of sorts, but it never did.  Throughout the emotional struggles of this experience, I had to learn that I am worthy of love and that I do have love to give.  If I sit here and wait for love to find me again, it will never happen.  This song has empowered me to stop being afraid to love again, to take chances, to put my heart out there and stop hiding behind this huge wall i built around myself. 

IPM: Your sound has a very late 70’s to early 80’s dance club sound, but is also very fresh and original, like you have taken and “Old School” song style and modernized it?

My goal for Heart On The Run was created with modernizing the Old School Classic Freestyle sound.  I wanted to cater to my existing fan base on this one and let them know that I will never abandon them. ( i know all too well how abandonment feels).  I kept the spirit of the late 80’s funk melody vibe t0 create a throwback vibe for sure.  I also knew this project was going to vinyl and my vinyl lovers are predominantly from the old school era.  Therefore, I had to keep them in mind being this is a vinyl project as well.  i tried to create a vibe that reminded me of why i fell in love with this genre in the first place. 

IPM: With whom did you work with on this, as far as producer, mixing and the technical aspects.

This record was written, produced, published and distributed by me.  that feels pretty darn good to read after I just typed it!

The engineer is Robert Federici of The Polygon, Cherry Hill, NJ  (a lifelong friend and very talented musician and engineer).

IPM: You give me the impression of a strong woman creating her own destiny, her own path in a music genre that is often “controlled” by an industry that does not favor a strong woman in control, how have you overcome this to be the innovator you are?

Being a strong woman in this business is necessarily for survival and any success beyond that of one release.  I find that it has been equally a blessing and a curse.  I find that the amount of people who respect this aspect about me and those who think that I am being aggressive (in what they may perceive as a negative) , in a way , are pretty equal across the board.  I try to concentrate and focus on the ones who think that what I am doing is great!

IPM: I took some time to listen to some of your earlier tracks listed on your web site, “Can U Stop The Rain”, “Swing My Way” and “I Miss You”, as well as others, all are fantastic tracks, it’s no wonder you have such a strong following, right now with our country gripped in a pandemic, limiting artist’s ability to tour and perform, will you be doing more videos and possibly Virtual Performances to bring your latest material to your fans?

Heart On The Run has a video to accompany this release. It is currently being edited and should be finished by the end of January.  It is my first video ever after almost 20 singles over the years . I am very excited to say the least.  I am very proud of this accomplishment.  Things have been taking me longer and I have never been one to take any shortcuts.  But for me, it has always been about the climb, the process.  The impossibility of having any success in the music business is a challenge and I enjoy this challenge.   I do have a Texas Tour coming up In late February and March of this year.  Covid compliant of course.  I love to be on the road, meeting new people and connecting with my supporters.  Nothing is more exciting and rewarding. 

IPM: What does the future hold for you, are you planning a big release or possibly an album?

I hope my future is filled with many more opportunities to write and create music that moves people,  (emotionally and physically).  I am hoping to create music relationships with like-minded individuals.  Collaborations of course.  I am very interested in working with an agent to try to get some licensing or publishing deals in film and TV, I think that would be super dope.  I still teach hip hop dance to the youth.  I love teaching dance.  I love to share my passion with them.  It was a great outlet for me when I was young and therefore, I know the importance of children having this platform to express themselves.  So  I plan on continuing to write, record, perform, and dance !!!

Stefanie Bennett is not only a major talent, but a musical force to be respected and admired, visit her online and find some great music from an amazing human being.

Website: www.stefaniebennett.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bennett.stefanie/

Twitter: twitter.com/realStefanieB

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stefanie.bennett.7

YouTube: https://youtube.com/stefaniebennettofficial

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3xUGjSCNuve4Hl02cb33HI



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