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NYC-based Singer Songwriter Lara Taubman and Wolfe Island Records have announced the release of debut music video ‘Akureyri’.

Taken from her album 'Revelation'

A pristine voice and a wonderfully unhurried pacing are the hallmarks of Lara Taubman’s sound, showcased on her latest album Revelation. The New York-based singer was called up to Wolfe Island, Canada, just across the maritime border with America to record her latest venture. She fell in love with the place and its people, going on to buy a farm there not far from the post office turned recording studio owned by Wolfe Island Records where she recorded the album. The collection is committed to healing with songs that explore relationships both flash in the pan brief and years-long heartache.

Most recently, Taubman has released the video for Revelation track ‘Akureyri’. The beautifully shot black and white vignette features the coastal scenery of the quaint Canadian island which is now a second home to her. A woman carries a small wooden ship as she looks longingly beyond the shores of her small island. Taubman sings from inside an old barn as the breeze blows the trees that dot the shoreline. The video transports you directly to the place where the song was recorded and gives it an artful visual rendering.

Revelations and the official music video for ‘Akureyri’ are out now, the album was released July 10th on all platforms, ‘Revelation’ is also available on limited edition vinyl and CD.

Lara shares her thoughts on the new video: “Akureyri, from my debut album, Revelation (Wolfe Island Records, 2020) was filmed despite the limited access to travel and creative resources of 2020. Thanks to the insightful, creative vision of award winning film maker Sean Michael Turrell (Toronto, Canada) the video was shot on Wolfe Island, Canada where I am currently in residence at my home waiting out this time before I return to New York City, also my home. Sean was inspired to shoot in the hundred year old barn that sits on my property, once a farm for many years. For me, it was critical that water and ships, boats be in the imagery throughout the video which was fortuitously easy to shoot as Wolfe Island sits on a body of water in a climate that is cool to freezing for most of the year. It is reminiscent of the ancient port town in Iceland whose name Akureyri inspired my song which is about a lovelorn, crazed woman awaiting a lover who will never return from the sea.”

Hugh Christopher Brown, Producer “Revelation” and Founder of Wolfe Island Records says this about Lara Taubman – “It’s always amazing when an artist unlocks expression after leading previous roles in their life. Lara brings so much life to her songs, singing through experience and spiritual wonder which is new every time I listen. Wisdom is innocent and experience is truth. This is what I learned working on these songs. “

Artist Biography:

Lara Taubman grew up in southern Virginia, where the sounds of Old Time music were all around her. She began singing as a child but was seriously drawn to painting, and went to college to pursue a life in visual art.  She has spent a lifetime listening abundantly to all kinds of music, yet when Lara began to write her own songs those formative sounds of Old Time music are where her heart was led.

She went on to study Cultural Theory in graduate school and became a professional art critic and curator. Her work took her all over the world until she returned back to the city of her heart, New York City.

A few years ago, she was working on some fiction, it led her to hear a call while she was cleaning one day: “If you don’t have children, you will probably be OK with that, but if you don’t sing  in a serious, committed way, you will regret it on your deathbed.” She listened to the call. It brought her through a very intense journey of healing from a lifetime of emotional pain and trauma. Through singing again and learning how to make music she was reborn into a world of hope and joy.

One soft fall day in September of 2018 she found herself on the porch of the Wolfe Island Records studio, the old converted post office on Wolfe Island, Canada. Her producer and founder of the label Wolfe Island Records, Hugh Christopher Brown had invited her to make an album. The rest is history, one that she never consciously designed.        

Today, she owns a small farm on the island, with a massive old barn doubling as a music and performance space. It is not far from the Post Office and the community of musicians who have also moved there and who helped her to make her album. Wolfe Island has joined New York City in her heart, which she still calls home.

Listen to the full “Revelation” album at Bandcamp.

Lara Online:
Websites – http://larataubman.com, https://wolfeislandrecords.com/larataubman/
Official Website: http://larataubman.com
 Facebook: larataubmansings
 Twitter: LaraTaubmanSings
 Instagram: larataubmansings
 Spotify: LaraTaubmanSings
 Bandcamp: https://continentalrecordservices.bandcamp.com/album/revelation 
 Soundcloud: Lara Taubman
 Youtube Channel: Lara Taubman    



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