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“Craniotomy” by Emodulari

What would you do to achieve supreme status as a true virtuoso? Would you practice your instrument, while say, undergoing brain surgery? Thankfully for us, New York based group, Emodulari has provided us with a commentary on this very real operation. Their new single, “Craniotomy,” tells the phantasmagoric tale of a guitarist who indeed undergoes brain surgery, while playing their instrument. The objective of said guitarist is to reach elite shredding status.


Based out of New York, Emodulari classifies themselves as Indie Rock. Judging from “Craniotomy,” they err on the heavier side of that genre. Peculiar might be an adjective that would describe Emodulari. Their name translates  from Latin, to mean setting poetic writings to rhythm. The band seems committed to maintaining a certain gravitas to their presentation and ideology.

If you watch the video for “Craniotomy,” you get a sense that the band might have a fondness for cosplay. Emodulari have fully immersed themselves into the setting they have created for the track. They tell the story of “Craniotomy,” visually as well as Musically, implicitly well. To be perfectly honest, a piece of music like this is not only behooved by visual accompaniment, but possibly, reliant on it. The video is entertaining and a lot of fun, and is one of the best ways to enjoy this song.

The song itself is surprisingly minimal, with a steady intro, that bleeds into the vocal, quite seemly. Emodulari have an aesthetic and a sound that don’t exactly seem to begat one another. They somehow merge these contrasting aspects on “Craniotomy,” in a way that is remarkably sensible. The Vocals have an almost operatic quality to them, and are quite honestly, one of the most impressive things about the recording.  The deeper you get into “Craniotomy,” the more enveloping it becomes, as you find yourself singing along with the chorus.

Emodulari seem qualified to achieve some sort of cult following as they go forward. It’s easy to imagine their ideas Becoming more and more esoteric, as time goes by. If they are able to harness those ideas, and parlay them into something as presentable and edifying, as they have on “Craniotomy,” then they are likely to continue to produce compelling content. They’ve shown little fear in embracing their own imagination, and individuality. By their own description, their music is also somewhat conscientious, so having something to say is always an accountable source of motivation.

Before hearing “Craniotomy,” especially if you somehow know the story, prior to it, you assume it will be like nothing you’ve heard. Ironically enough, it is mildly derivative. A lot of artists might consider that to be negative, but in this case it’s actually more ingratiating, than it would otherwise be. The subject material on “Craniotomy” is so bombastic and in ways, perplexing, that it could potentially overshadow the song. By composing something that is much more patient and navigable , Emodulari might just have a pretty good chance at getting inside your head.

Mindy McCall

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