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Dudley Allen “You’re My Little Cowgirl”

The country rock musings of the rugged Dudley Allen come to fruition in the single “You’re My Little Cowgirl”. A sincere set of lyrics placed over a rambling guitar, Dudley Allen’s tune is a heartfelt message from a man with many tales to tell. A military veteran and prolific songwriter, Dudley Allen’s newest work further cements his voice as one of his generations’ most sentimental. “You’re My Little Cowgirl” thrives in a wholesome setting.

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Dudley Allen, who’s sister Kim Allen is also a singer, moved to Nashville years ago to pursue music and work with several touring stars, including the iconic Loretta Lynn. A multi-instrumentalist, he first learned to play the drums in his father’s band, before switching to steel guitar. He’s self-taught. The instrumentation in “You’re My Little Cowgirl” is full. The guitar, especially, has a way of wrapping its shapes around the listener. The song feels very guitar-driven, yes, but the melodic tones and warmness in the guitar give it just that slight twang to border between country, rock and Americana. The bass groove and the sticky percussion are just as fun, but never take second fiddle (no pun intended) to the guitar and Dudley Allen’s modest vocals. You won’t hear a fiddle or violin stringing its way through the center of this song, but you will hear in-between the moments and lines a man that truly loves and honors his subject.

You love me when I’m right, you love me when I’m wrong, Dudley Allen sings. When he croons, a part of me feel like he’s the southern gentleman pining in the corner bar, his demeaner one of lofty dreams and sentimentality. The other part of me feels, with the rousing music bed, this one could really get the crowd going. It’s contained. The percussion and that blasting, harmonic guitar are sweet to the soul, kind to the ears. I like the cadence and the way Dudley Allen makes the listener feel safe and warm. He’s just as kindhearted as you imagine, I think. He’s carrying the torch, taking the baton from such greats as Conway Twitty and Charley Pride. Dudley Allen moves the listener around the dance floor in just the right steps. Pitter patter. Pitter patter. And then it’s a fun gathering – the music bed lifts the energy of the room higher!

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It’s a slow and steady ride. “You’re My Little Cowgirl” has the legs to really open some doors for Dudley Allen. I do think fans of classic country will embrace his voice and his writing style, but I think modern country fans will find him just as special. He has a spark to his voice that just makes you smile. Perhaps what I enjoyed most, besides the popping guitar playing, is the way that Dudley Allen presents himself as a genuine artist. He’s a regular guy and makes no bones about it. His authenticity should be celebrated and honored. “You’re My Little Cowgirl” starts the year out right. Kick back and fall under Dudley Allen’s country-hued spell.

Mindy McCall

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