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The Caught (feat. Melvin Alan) Drop New Single

Indie rock group The Caught have certainly been through the ringer. Following a series of setbacks ranging from financial strains to health struggles, the duo headed by songwriter and lead singer Melvin Alan and lead guitarist Trev have returned with their melancholy masterwork “I’m Caught.” With a name like that, it’s not hard to see what experience they’re pulling from as the song aims to provide a catharsis for trying times, as the bands methodology is less about overproduction as seen from their more pop oriented peers, but to provide some good ole fashion, angsty and intimate rock.


Overall, I’d say they succeeded in their mission, with only some slight misses. After an appropriately moody start, the song settled into its dissection of depression, doubt and potentially death as Alan’s wonderfully soothing voice sings that he feels like he’s skinned to the bone, that of a walking skeleton and he is under the intoxication of an unknown person, or even more obtusely, an unknown entity. The entity pursues him relentlessly as he finds himself under its spell of what exactly, we’re not sure. He says that he’s a victim of its love and that no one can save him, but it’s never abundantly clear as to what he’s unsalvageable from. The indirectness of the song never hurts it however, instead it allows the audience to project their own grievances, transforming it into a wholly universal work.

Sonically, this thing is a marvel. You can tell based on their dislike of overproduced pop music, they make their own artistic decisions with a clinical efficiency matched by an equally clinical execution. From the rhythmic glass bottle noises in the opening all the way to the soaring finale which incorporates some incredible string composition, the sense of escalation in this track is inspired. It feels like one of those songs that’s existed for a long time but you’ve never properly heard it until now. You can very much feel the influences of other bands the duo must love ranging from similar noises like Radiohead to Smashing Pumpkins, but their sound is very much their own and it’s wildly confident in that fact. I’d say that the instrumentals can outshine the lyrics at times, and maybe that’s due to how vague the subject matter can be, but that’s not a very strong complaint given how easy it is to want to listen to the track again and again.

I’m hopeful that in subsequent releases, the band can deliver more tightly constructed narratives as it seems that they have no shortage of personal material to draw from, and even then you could argue it’s on display here with the description of Alan feeling like a skeleton given it was he who had to deal with the unfortunate medical turmoils earlier in his life. “I’m “Caught feels like it could prove to be a pivotal moment for the band as they carve their own niche in a landscape dominated by poppy electronic tracks, with a throwback evocative of Gen-X unrest that feels more commonplace today,

Mindy McCall

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