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“Dreamin’ out Loud” by Singer/Songwriter Vineet

In his new single “Dreamin’ out Loud,” Vineet offers us the perfect fusion of atmospheric melodies and abrasive dance beats, but despite the hybrid nature of the track’s construction, I’m really hesitant to call it a deliberate exercise in duality. From the moment we first make contact with the lustrous sway of the percussion to the very second in which the music disappears into the ethers, there’s a radiant bond between artist and medium that isn’t limited by the presence of the lyrics, or even Vineet’s own voice. He invests a soulfulness into the narrative here that goes beyond the simple conveyance of a theme and extends into the mood of the rhythm, the emotional punch of the harmony and even the relationship between the instruments as it’s presented in the arrangement. 

Let’s start with the cosmetics of this track and, more specifically, the most obvious agent of evocation in “Dreamin’ out Loud;” Vineet’s lead vocal. Warm but not lacking in a certain mystique that can neither be practiced into existence nor improvised through external components, his singing here is where we start to understand the multidimensionality of his storytelling, but it often feels like more of a gateway than a centerpiece. Through its harmony, we find ourselves in a whirlwind of synth-heavy melodies that seem to go into infinity at first, only soon restricted by the forceful hand of the percussion. It adds another poetic layer to the big picture without cluttering the track and making novice listeners overwhelmed by the amount of subtle detail. 

This mix is carefully structured as to put us inside the storm of sonic daggers while curbing the amount of damage the rougher-edged melodies can actually inflict, but I will say it’s not the most meticulous I’ve heard in the pop genre lately. Vineet seems like the kind of artist who doesn’t want to over-adorn his work with a lot of frills, and in keeping the more bombastic bells and whistles on the sidelines entirely I would say he was able to give us a much more complete and mature “Dreamin’ out Loud” than many of his peers could have. He’s got quite the skillset just waiting to be shown off, and I think that becomes impossible for even the most discriminating of observers to deny in this performance. 

If you’re looking for a hot groove accompanied by an even lustier main melody, I think you’ll find that Vineet’s “Dreamin’ out Loud” was tailor-made to your tastes this month. There hasn’t been a lot of quality dance music hitting record store shelves in the past month, and although 2021 is barely off and running, I believe that what Vineet has turned in with this release could stand out as one of the more provocative and listenable cuts of the year when all is said and done. It’s definitely enough to make me revisit his catalogue at a later date, and in this competitive era for independent recording artists that has the potential to be everything and then some. 

Mindy McCall 



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