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Shimmer Johnson Drops New Single

The new single from Shimmer Johnson, entitled “Priceless” is a track from her upcoming album, Inner Me. Inner Me is scheduled for a February release, and if “Priceless” is an indication of what we can expect, then expectations are high. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, “Priceless” is a haunting, driving narrative on the dissolution of a relationship and a decree of self worth. You could almost liken it to an adult contemporary version of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Shimmer makes it clear by the end of the song, that she will not be undervalued and is indeed “Priceless.”

Shimmer Johnson’s profile is impressive and well documented. She’s worked with some of the top songwriters in the music business. Her song, “Thunder” was used in 5 separate episodes of MTV’s, Sweet 16. Her accolades are enough to make any aspiring songwriters, envious, yet she continues to push herself to produce the best material she is capable of. You could say, Johnson shows a propensity for dramatics on “Priceless”, but there is also a slightly cold deliberation, underneath.

The song feels and sounds very personal, and seems to be in steady pursuit of closure. You can hear Johnson’s voice, just slightly quiver at certain moments, and it gives her Performance an extra layer of intensity. You can sense that she had someone very specific in mind, when writing this song. The words she sings, seem like words she has wanted to say, for some time. “Priceless” has a brooding and dramatic backdrop, that takes a somewhat predictable course, but still, highly effective.

Shimmer’s journey from birth, has been a unique one. She’s listed as being born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, but growing up in Branson, MO. It’s unclear how much time she spent in Canada, but those are obviously two vastly different regions to call home. Branson in particular is a distinctly colorful town. One has to wonder what impact such a vacuum of tourism would have on an impressionable Johnson.

Shimmer certainly falls in with songwriters of an introspective variety. The type that use their own personal struggles and inner woes, to connect with their audience on an individual basis. Again, she is able to penetrate the walls of her most closely guarded emotions on “Priceless.” The catharsis of being able to say what she has held in, for so long, becomes transparent by the conclusion of the song. I think we can find a certain type of reflection in this aspect, when it comes to the relationships in our own lives, of all varieties. 

“Priceless” is the type of song you might end up hearing, at the doctor’s office, the grocery store, the car, or Barnes and Noble. It has the potential to take on that kind of ubiquity. It’s accessible, melodic and grounding, and is typically the kind of song, that radio embraces. Shimmer Johnson continues to offer strongly written material, with her own signature candor. All that glitters, may not be gold, but all that Shimmers, just may be.

Mindy McCall

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