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SoundAssured Launches a new product for Studio Enhancement

SoundAssured’s Acoustic Diffuser - A PVC Sound Diffusion Panel that works in harmony with their existing product line.

Acoustic Sound diffusers are designed to scatter or disperse sound waves, thereby reducing standing waves and echoes to improve sound clarity. Diffusers (or Diffusors) are typically used in critical listening environments like recording studios, control rooms, music production and live music rooms.

Acoustic diffusers are placed at the reflection points in your room. For a recording studio the most common reflection points for diffuser placement are at the back wall or on the ceiling between the listening position and the sound source.

Acoustic diffusers are used to treat echoes and reflections. Whereas acoustic foam panels that are designed to absorb sound waves at different frequencies, acoustic diffusers are designed to scatter sound waves. Acoustic absorbers and diffusers both treat echoes and standing waves, but absorption panels will have a dampening effect while diffusion panels will maintain a more lively sound.

Acoustic Sound diffusion in small rooms can make your small room sound larger, by altering sound wave patterns. A diffuser is an acoustical tool that you must know its strengths and weaknesses before you consider its usage within your room, the experts at SoundAssured can help with your product selection to create a perfect sound and recording environment.

Diffusers are often used in combination with sound absorbing panels and bass traps in order to get the desired sound in your room. Small, modular size of these acoustic diffusers allows for placement between 12×12″ acoustic foam panels. For a recording studio the most common reflection points for diffuser placement are at the back wall or on the ceiling between the listening position and the sound source.

If you need help figuring out where to place acoustic treatments in your space, contact SoundAssured so they can assist you.



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  1. I always found that properly soundproofing a room can easily take a lot of space and can be expensive. You might be better to control the sound with reverb, etc.

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