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“Carry On’ by Joyann Parker

Inside a rustic barn, far from the glitz and excess of a Hollywood lifestyle, a powerful voice is starting a fire strong enough to burn down half of the United States. Melodically potent yet controlled by the disciplined attack of one Joyann Parker, this essential ingredient in the recipe for her new music video “Carry On” is more than enough to get our attention – but when added in with the cinematic experience this visual piece has to offer, it makes for a theatrical entrance into the international spotlight attainable solely by the most talented players in the game today. 

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Parker’s swaggering assault of the verses bleeds into every aspect of this song and its music video; while it’s her first widespread release in three years, it’s clear that she’s only gotten sharper in her execution with time and experience. There’s an intensity to her unfurling of the narrative that comes alive on the strength of the beat and the roaring guitar parts the same, and with her voice as the ribbonry tying everything together seamlessly, it often feels as though we’re listening to something that was recorded in a chemistry-laden improve session as opposed to a conventional studio environment. 

The backend of this mix is sturdy as steel with the groove remaining a central focal point (arguably as much as the lead vocal is in a couple of important spots), but it’s hard to focus on anything other than the harmonies as we find our way into the chorus of “Carry On.” The virtuosic singing of Joyann Parker aside, her ability to juggle a jagged arrangement as stunning as this one is very telling of what she’s capable of when put in the right position to excel. I can’t wait to hear more, and I have a feeling this will soon become the critical consensus. 

Joyann Parker has one heck of a future ahead of her, and if there’s anything we can collectively learn from her performance in “Carry On,” it’s that she isn’t about to slow her momentum in the studio simply to create something efficient or black and white. This is a singer/songwriter who comes off as someone who doesn’t have any time for the limits a lot of her peers would just as soon try to stay within; she’s breaking out with a sound all her own, and the hybridity of her artistry couldn’t have found a better time to reach fans than the present. 

Mindy McCall



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