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Shadow Puppet Theatre’s “SETIA”

Built like a casual folk song but executed like a piece of indie rock broken down to its most endearing nuts and bolts, Shadow Puppet Theatre’s “SETIA” doesn’t ask for us to explain its compositional integrity but instead to simply enjoy its multifaceted appeal. The strum of the guitars, the ache of the vocal, even the blushing bassline that sits beneath the rambunctious little beat; it’s all designed to put us at ease and allow for mutual vulnerability between audience and artist. Whether consumed in its single or music video form, “SETIA” is a sweetly non-indulgent trip to indie pop paradise you won’t regret taking. 

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The music video for this track drifts into the warmth of a home shared by two lovers. Their daily life together, seemingly forgettable exchanges and passing affections become fodder for contextualization as the lyrics are made tangible in the visuals, reinforcing both the simplicity of the song’s core as well as the overarching indie cinema-feel of the video. Shadow Puppet Theatre didn’t have to break the bank on this one; truth be told, “SETIA” goes down much better in this setting than it ever would have being pushed through a raucous, electrified filter. 

It’s 2021 and music is perhaps more eclectic and inspired than ever before, but there’s no beating the old fashioned attractiveness of a work like Shadow Puppet Theatre’s new single this January. “SETIA” is a melodic treasure that isn’t boxed-in by any of the ambitiousness its performers hold in their hearts, and in a time that has rewarded too many acts for biting off more than they can chew inside of the recording studio, I think the focused attack of a crew like this one deserves a bit more recognition. They’re on my watch list moving into the future, and it’s because of the moxie they exhibit in this latest release. 

Mindy McCall



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