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Berlin Blues: Catching Up with Guitarist, Will Jacobs

Take a Chicago-born Blues Man and transplant him to Germany, and things can get crazy in an exciting sort of way.  Will Jacobs is that excitement, and plays like a Blues Man possessed.  His mastery of the guitar leaves one in complete admiration of his dedication to the Blues/Rock craft.  What separates Will Jacobs from so many others and for that matter any Blues/Rock musician, is having paid their dues.  It’s the single most construct for Blues performers. 

You can tell immediately that Jacobs has paid his dues with blood, sweat and tears.  His soul shines through on every number he performs. His vocals are as riveting as his guitar work.  They both (vocals & guitar) come together, with the backing of his amazing rhythm section, to grab your attention.  Suddenly the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up and your arms are riddled with those goosebumps, that cool nights, sittin’ on the porch tend to bring on.  Yes, Will Jacobs is that sort of artist.  He just plays at a level of wonderful emotion and skill.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture… so click on the video download his music, and treat yourself to the very best.  Will Jacobs is a star on the rise, without a doubt” – Garry Goldsmith, Blues Highway US 61.

IPM: Approximately one year into the Coronavirus pandemic, how have you been adjusting to the new music landscape, in terms of both live shows and recording?

WJ: Well, it definitely hasn’t been easy for me. I’m sure most musicians feel the same way but I’m trying hard to get my head around being more of an online musician than a live musician. Most of my life I’ve been a live musician so it’s a bit difficult for me to adjust even a year later. I do have some fun things planned for the near future on my Instagram page like weekly live streams and short music clips which I’ll share simultaneously to my other platforms like Facebook. I’m also looking into producing monthly music videos of new songs. No matter what keep a lookout on my Instagram page!

IPM: Looks like you’re presently in Fuzz Note Studio in Berlin recording. Care to spill the beans on what you’re recording there, and with who, etc.?

WJ: I am working on a new album of all-original music geared more towards the funk and soul songwriting side of my music. As we’re recording ideas and songs much of what you’ll hear on the finished record reaches out farther than just funk and soul. Working closely with Stefano Ronchi at his studio has helped me really pull out some music I didn’t think I had in me and I’m really excited to release some singles in the very near future. It will be interesting for me to branch out from my blues music but I’m sure you will all love it!

IPM: Let’s say you could assemble an all-time blues band to tour with. Who would the members be? (the band can be as large as you want)

WJ: That’s a hard question to answer since it’s a very long list of musicians, but off the top of my head I’d chose Rico McFarland on guitar, Raul Valdez on drums, Sharay Reed on bass, and the Memphis Horns. Like I said though that’s just off the top of my head.

IPM: What musical gear are you presently using?

WJ: Currently I’m using a 1965 or 1967 Dynacord Rex. It’s an old German-made amplifier and man does it sound good! The circuit in the amp is similar to the early Marshall amplifiers we all know and love. Normally I like to use vintage Fender amps but those are much harder to come by here in Germany at the price you can find them in the states. Due to that, I’ve had fun trying different equipment I’ve never used before like this Dynacord that sounds just as amazing and because of that I’ve been itching to try out more vintage EL34 type amps. My main guitar for the last five years has been a Les Paul Studio that I’ve modified the wiring to be a hybrid between modern and 50’s Gibson wiring. 

IPM: Name one venue you would really like to perform at in the US, if you could come back, post-Covid? 

WJ: I would love to perform at B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted or Kingston Mines again. Those are the two clubs I got my start at, where I learned most of what I know today. Where I made friends and family and learned how to be a proper working and gigging musician. If I could just have a weekend of gigs there right now, I’d be a super-happy camper (smiles). I miss those places and those people, most of all I just miss playing live. I miss the energy those two places have. You can’t get it anywhere else. For more on Will Jacobs log onto;; and



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