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“Die [Alone]” by Vianchi

The concept of dying alone, is one that confronts us all at some point, or at least most of us. The irony is, that in a literal sense, we all die, alone. Of course, the difference is defined by being alone, as opposed to FEELING alone. The brand new single by Massachusetts based artist, Vianchi, is starkly titled, “Die [Alone].” Funny enough, the song is more about life than death, and the things we elect to take priority in our lives.

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Vianchi says that after his first trip to a music studio, he knew what he wanted to do with his life. His commitment to that goal, is a major part of his decree on “Die [Alone].” Apparently, Vianchi fell hard for music, leaving no resilience to sustain another fall, namely for love. Is it youthful recalcitrance, or will his prophecy be fulfilled? Only time will tell, but as for now, we have a strong effort of his to enjoy.

The synth work on “Die [Alone]” is nothing short of effective. It often seems that the actual music in this genre is something of an afterthought. But the beats, and soundscapes are actually quite pivotal to the song’s overall appeal. Vocally and musically, Vianchi is going to face comparisons to the most recent Superbowl halftime performer. We can only speculate if this is intentional or creativity, under the influence.

“Die [Alone]” is truly undeniable. Regardless of how discernible it feels or sounds, it packs a currency that is just far enough under the radar, to pulsate. Vianchi seems to be experiencing this ride with all of us in real time. Of course, this could be to his benefit or detriment, or both. His youth and his wisdom collide on his new single, and it’s tantalizing, yet, cautionary.

Speaking from a production standpoint, “Die [Alone]” does have breakout potential. It’s easy to imagine hearing it on your local Pop/R&B station, but timing will be everything for Vianchi, which is always the case. He is still in development, and you get the feeling that he is going to undergo a few more transformations, before settling in to his true self. With that in mind, “Die [Alone],” feels more like a precursor, to what is to come. It will be looked back on as a perennial moment in his career.

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It’s admirable that Vianchi tackled deep and substantial subject matter on “Die [Alone].” In an industry wrought with tired cliches, it’s refreshing to see all genres be represented by music with  social, spiritual, or existential significance. One could possibly even consider “Die [Alone” to be an anti-love song. A song that excuses love as the most vital component to a balanced and fulfilling life, opting instead for happiness through achievement. However, “Die [Alone]” then becomes a love song again, by advocating one of the most misunderstood, yet essential types of love; self-love.

Mindy McCall



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