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“Boomerang” by Jaimie Steck

With catlike moves in the video for “Boomerang” that are as enticing as any of her verses ever could be, there’s no doubt that Jaimie Steck would have a fine career as a dancer if she ever decided that music was getting too boring for her. That said, don’t get your hopes up on that ever happening – after all, with the release of her latest single “Boomerang” and its accompanying music video, she reminds the world that she didn’t set out on this path back in 2019 just for giggles. She means business with these beats, and that’s made quite clear to us in the first few moments of the track. 

Steck’s lead vocal adds a bittersweet reflectiveness to her lyrics that might not have been there if another singer had tried to tackle it, and from my perspective I think this verifies just how signature a sound hers has become. It’s been a short amount of time since she first became active on the Miami Scene, but she’s nonetheless sounding like the boss of her own rhythm in this performance, as opposed to a wide-eyed musician still trying to find her place in the big picture through experimentation as opposed to assertiveness. 

This track features a really lusty harmony that instantly had my attention the first time I sat down to listen to “Boomerang” this past week, but I think the real source for chills here can be found in the interplay between the vocal and the beat of the drums. Steck develops a white-hot exchange with her percussionist right from the jump, but as we progress from one chorus to the next, it’s as though the tension between them is getting stronger and stronger. It leads to an eruptive conclusion, but I have a feeling your heart will have already been won by the conclusion. 

Jaimie Steck has been flirting with aggressive styles for the past two years, but I think it wasn’t until the release of this latest single in “Boomerang” that she sounded like she really owns it. This is a really fierce piece, and between the attitude she injects into the music video with her stellar moves to the same sense of empowerment that can be found out of listening to the chorus a couple of times through, I can guarantee it’s bound to have her listeners on their feet and raising the roof this spring. 

Mindy McCall



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