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The Loft Club (feat. Lisa Loeb) Release “Flicker”

Even without its lyrics, there’s something incendiary about The Loft Club’s “Flicker” and its melodic presence that the title of the song doesn’t completely capture. The springiness of the beat, the urgent swing of the verses, even the spicy interplay with Lisa Loeb – each element here is a contributing spark in the out of control wildfire that is The Loft Club’s signature sound, and while I’m fairly new to their music, it didn’t take me anything more than a cursory listening session with “Flicker” to know in my heart that I was listening to one of the best-equipped bands in their scene right now. 

Official Website: https://www.theloftclubband.com/

The guitars in this single are absolutely glowing and make more than one valid attempt at stealing the spotlight away from the lead vocals, but in the end, no one part is given any more of a boost from behind the board than anything else is. There’s something special about letting a group of musicians play out their song without intervening or getting tricky with the mix; this is studio-recorded and yet it has the lifeblood of a live gig, free from the restrictions that a purely-rehearsed setlist of songs would contain in most any venue. 

On the backend, the percussion in this track doesn’t overstate the rhythm at all, but instead lets every melodic part in the mix help to advance the beat the same as the drums would. Again, the collective gets the spotlight over anything individualized in “Flicker,” which furthers the narrative of togetherness implied just by looking at the byline and seeing featured player Lisa Loeb’s name. The Loft Club want us to feel the spirit of togetherness, and between the video for their new song, its origins and the substance of its best moments, we’re bound to get exactly what they were going for at some point or another. 

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/flicker-feat-lisa-loeb-single/1445282325

I didn’t know much about The Loft Club before getting turned onto their music this year, but it’s hard for me to picture dismissing their work after getting a taste of their skills in “Flicker.” Their sound is more than credible; it’s entirely their own, devoid of the flaccidity of a recycled mood, melody or even the slightest micro-homage to some influence long-gone from the internet’s recollection. It’s made me excited to see them on stage when concerts are back in full swing, and I’m thinking it might have the same impact on you as well. 

Mindy McCall 



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