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IndiePulse Reviews: MACKIE CR3-X Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

IndiePulse Music Magazine recently did a studio upgrade, and we took this as an opportunity to get and try out some new gear, with COVID related issues, the recent NAMM convention was held online in a virtual environment, which actually worked great in letting us do some real time research. we decided for the podcast studio area we would get the MACKIE CR3-X Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors, touted as a small but powerful solution to our needs, and we are excited to say we could not be happier.

CR Series Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors offer studio-quality sound with cosmetics that compliment any desk whether you’re making music, creating content, or just relaxing to your favorite tunes. The sleek design of CR-X features a brushed metal panel and a distinct outline that stands out.

Available in a vast range of sizes from 3” to 8” with Bluetooth® option plus an 8” subwoofer with Bluetooth, CR-X has the perfect match for your needs. Upgrade your listening experience with Mackie CR-X Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors.

We watched the following video on the website for MACKIE and took this all into consideration.

We decided to, due to budget concerns, time to implement and overall space for use, to go with the CR3-X, a convenient desktop friendly design and easy to access control and connection / connectivity features made this an obvious choice.

Tech Stats:

The Mackie CR3-X Creative Reference Series 3″ Multimedia Monitors offering a compact solution for quality audio playback in home studios and gaming setups. With 50W of amplification driving 3″ woofers and 0.75″ tweeters, the CR3-X monitors work very well. The pair consists of one passive speaker and one powered speaker that connect with an included speaker cable. Each monitor incorporates a custom-tuned rear port to smoothly extend the low end and a specially designed waveguide for clarity and proper dispersion of high frequencies. Built with both LF Driver: 1 x 3″ / 7.62 cm Polypropylene Cone and HF Driver: 1 x 0.75″ / 1.91 cm Silk Dome. Amplification rates 1 x Full-Range Amplifier: Class-D50 W Peak which is surprisingly responsive for such a small form and economical conscious unit. With plenty of I/O provided, the CR3-X can accept a feed from your audio interface, computer soundcard, or mobile device while pumping out your mix to the drivers or your favorite headphones. This set also comes with a download for ProTools | First and The Musician’s Collection plug-in package including 23 high-quality plug-ins with BBD Delay, Eleven Lite, the 304E EQ, and the 304C Compressor. all of this for a very easy to use interface set up.

More from MACKIE:

We also found some great deals on MACKIE product lines, MACKIE, long known for innovation is now looking towards reaching some that may have the most modest budgets but want superior quality.

These offers started on February 15th and will continue until March 31st  

Mackie’s Headphone & Earbuds Deals 

  • MC-450: $100 off (Originally $299.99)
  • MC-350: $50 off (Originally $199.99)
  • MC-250: $20 off (Originally $99.99)
  • MC-100: $10 off (Originally $29.99)
  • MC-150: $10 off (Originally $69.99)

See headphone offers online 

  • CR-BUDS: $10 off (Originally $19.99)
  • CR-BUDS+: $10 off (Originally $39.99)

See earbud offers online 

Mackie’s CR-X Multimedia Monitor Deals

  • CR8-XBT: $50 off (Originally $349.99)
  • CR5-XBT: $30 off (Originally $219.99)
  • CR5-X: $30 off (Originally $199.99)
  • CR4-XBT: $30 off (Originally $169.99)
  • CR4-X: $30 off (Originally $149.99)
  • CR3-XBT: $10 off (Originally $119.99)
  • CR3-X: $10 off (Originally $99.99)
  • CR8S-XBT: $30 off (Originally $199.99)

 See CR-X offers online 

Mackie’s Microphone Deals 

  • Carbon: $20 off (Originally $149.99)
  • EM-USB: $20 off (Originally $99.99)
  • EM-91CU: $10 off (Originally $49.99)

See Mic offers online

We give the MACKIE CR3-X Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors top marks for having everything an artist, podcaster, content creator or gamer could want and a price range that just blows away competitors offers.

Check out what MACKIE could do you you.



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