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Interesting Ways You Can Make Money by Producing Music

Music production has evolved immensely in the recent past. There are now more opportunities for music producers thanks to the internet. Unlike in the past when you needed to have connections in the music industry or get signed under a label, nowadays, you don’t need to be famous or a big performer to make money producing music.

There are numerous ways you can make money producing music. You don’t have to send out your music demos as you wait for someone to discover your talent and make you famous. Moving from one bar to the other looking for singing gigs is also a thing of the past. Here are some of the interesting ways you can make an income while producing music.

Sell Royalty-Free Music or Beats

Over the years, music producers and beatmakers have experienced an increased demand for type beats from rappers, artists, and independent singers. Most music producers are getting rich selling instrumentals on various platforms. They use social media to advertise their digital products, and they can sell a beat from $19 depending on its quality, how famous they are, and how big the clientele is.

Also, you have to consider your beats’ licensing type as it determines the price. Selling beats allows you to earn money even while sleeping. You only have to make a beat or royalty-free music and put it on your website. Keep doing this regularly, and you have a passive income stream.

Start a YouTube Channel

Have you ever admired the big wigs in music production who have become a sensation on YouTube? They all started from the bottom too. All they did was produce content daily and relentlessly promoting it on their social media pages. With time, they made a name for themselves as their fan base increased.

To reach their heights, keep uploading your beats on YouTube consistently. You will grow your portfolio, and ultimately your business. also, consider doing music producer vlogs or let your fans have a behind-the-scenes peek for any content they might like. To stand out from your competition, have a brand strategy and be unique.

Uploading content regularly will help you qualify for the YouTube Partner Program. Aim at getting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, then you can start monetizing your channel. Remember to set up a Google AdSense account, which will help you earn extra income.

Sell Sample Packs

Some music producers create their synth riffs, tweak their effects, and drum sounds. However, others cannot do this either because they don’t have the skills or the time. Such producers are always looking for someone who can do all this for them at a fee. 

If you are a producer who considers himself skilled at sound design, this is an opportunity to make money. Create synth samples, customized drum kits, and presets packs for money. Sell them on your website and remember to include artwork to make everything visually appealing. You can also sell sample packs through sample libraries.

Become a Music Teacher

If you are good at playing instruments, use your talent to make extra money. Teach other people how to develop their talent for playing musical instruments. You can either do this from your home studio, online via Skype or at your students’ homes.

Use your social media pages and website to advertise your services targeting potential clients near you. However, if you choose to do it online, don’t limit your clientele base as you can teach people from all over the world using this channel.

Create Soundtracks for Online Slots

A very unique and untraditional way to make money by producing music is writing music for game developers companies. Online slots come with beautiful soundtracks that keep players engaged and entertained. You can use your music production skills to produce such soundtracks for online slots and sell them to software companies. Many casinos will pay you handsomely to produce such soundtracks for their games. This is your chance to shine by getting your music out there for every player to enjoy. 


There are numerous ways you can make money as a music producer without being famous or performing for crowds. You can start with these which have been tried and tested. They will help you earn both passive and active income as you do what you love.



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