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Kiron Rasheed Drops New Single

The newest single by Hip Hop artist, Kiron Rasheed, is nothing short of a banger, with a conscience. With a run time of 3 minutes and some change, Rasheed packs surprises, twists, turns, and a message into a fiery and lively track. “Ask About Me” is the follow up to Kiron’s 2020 release, “Ba Lee Dat,” and it establishes itself, instantly. While he is said to be something of a newcomer to the music scene, Kiron possesses a keen insight, that he couples with an impassioned motivation. So far, the artist’s approach has proven to be a winning formula.

Leah Rich is the featured guest vocalist, and she might just be the key ingredient to the track’s greatness. She handles the chorus, and does so with tremendous flex and panache. Her personality leaps from the speakers, without insisting upon herself. Ask about me/only can be what I be/only can see what I see. It’s a simple and easy to understand statement, but she delivers it with measured brightness.

Kiron shocks the world, by adding an electric guitar on the track, that virtually appears out of nowhere. It has a gnarly tone, that harkens back to early 90’s, Janet Jackson. This addition takes the song to a whole new level, and gives us a glimpse into the reserve of creativity that Kiron has waiting for us. All of the elements are pitch perfect, here; with the snare sounding particularly ideal. For one of his first few outings, Rasheed already shows exceptional instincts.

Kiron has a deep, gravelly, Barry White like quality to his voice. He sounds like your wise, and stern Uncle, who only wants the best for you, but will not sugarcoat. He’s commanding, but not in a forceful way. His tone and lyrical content, make you take him seriously, and he again reinforces his musical acumen, by sharing vocal duties with Rich. Her presence is what really drives the vehicle that is “Ask About Me,” as Rasheed summarizes the moral of the story.

As for the meaning of, “Ask About Me,” which is of course for us to decide, ultimately, it’s not brutally obvious. Kiron is very descriptive, yet all over the map, lyrically . He covers a lot of ground, and has much to say. On the one hand, “Ask About Me” is a good title, at the same time it slightly undercuts the incredibly dynamic quality of the song. That title made me think I was in for something completely different, from what I got, and needless to say, I was delightfully surprised.

Everything you see/complicated and simple/many small things start/not meant to stay little. It’s still hard to fathom that Kiron Rasheed is a newcomer. His presence and assurance, would indicate that he is quite well tenured. The wonderful thing is that he is just getting started. His range of influences seem wide and variegated, and his willingness to experiment has been established.  More importantly than anything else, he has something to say. If you want to know what Kiron Rasheed is about, all you have to do is ask.

Mindy McCall

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