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House of Peace Release New Single

If you’re looking for a song to keep you warm during these tough winter times (hello Texas), look no further than “Love is a Flame” from singer David Liscum from his band House of Peace off their 2019 album Welcome to the River. The group clearly has an affinity for vivid imagery both in terms of album and song titles and it’s equally present in their music. The album cover has the sights of crashing waves and that organic rhythm you could hear from the ocean is almost transcribed exactly how it feels in the song with its striking vibrant strings that lull you in slowly before picking up almost with the precision of an expressive ballet dancer.

URL: https://houseofpeacemusic.com/

Dancing is another thing that this song evokes with the drums and keyboard accompaniment that has this playfulness that screams life. I can easily see this becoming a lot of dance recital’s go-to tracks just because it has so much to offer. As the track swirls around with its instruments you feel swept up for only a moment almost thrown for a loop before Liscum’s voice, a tightened and strong falsetto that doesn’t cover aggression, but certainly, passion grounds the whole affair. Many times listening to this song you might feel weightless which is probably the desired result. It’s a song built more from the back of raw emotion than it is complex and needlessly complicated or try-hard lyrics trying to mine the emotion of love for new territory.

If you listen to the album this is from, you’ll know that the track “My Love” follows ‘Flame’ and it’s a good companion to this track was previously recognized for its strength, both critically but also receiving ample radio play. That song and this have been spun thousands of times and where “My Love” is a slower affair honing in on the intimacy between people in relationships, like a conversation in the dead of night between you and your significant other, this has the energy of your heart fluttering and the deep desire to tell someone how you truly feel, and Liscum makes it look effortless as he cries to the world this honest declaration of romance and emotion. There’s going to be an EDM release later this year and you can just tell that’ll be a club favorite and might open moor doors for the uninitiated to this bands work to go back through their former albums, singles, and EP’s and find a treasure trove of songs made to fulfill the longing and warmth within the fire that burns in all of our hearts.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/house-of-peace/548122836?ign-gact=3&ls=1

Some might find it a little derivative of former acts of the early 2000s and that kind of orchestral pop(?) that was having a moment in the sun and has since been relegated to a sort of novelty. This is a beautiful track that will transport you worlds away and when the final strings echo throughout your ears, you’ll want to return to that land all over again.

Mindy McCall

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