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Album Review: John Fusco & The X-Road Riders “John The Revelator”

“The world we suggest is a new Wild West. A sensuous evil world. Strange and haunting the oath of the sun”….Jim Morrison

In an orgasmic array of sophisticated anarchy with echoes of the Wild West and the  Old South, singer, songwriter, screenwriter, author and musician John Fusco celebrates “John Fusco & The X-Road Riders: John the Revelator”, a salaciously haunting 20 track masterpiece. The illegitimate child of Bruce Springsteen and David Clayton Thomas, John Fusco’s sexy vocals are no match for men, angels or beasts. 

The album paints a tapestry on a vibrant canvas of stories that evoke spirited remnants of miniature screen plays soulful enough to make the plainest faces come alive with promise. The evocative voice of Risse Norman brings us to an enforced visit to an imaginary realm where impulses within become deranged in the best possible way. 

The music has texture and color and calms the chaos with its superbly orchestrated arrangements, crushing the notes to death with the weight of Fusco’s dedication. His decimation extends to his penned screenplays of “Crossroads”, “Young Guns”, “Hildago”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny”, and the creation of the Netflix series “Marco Polo.” 

As in his movies, Fusco’s songs have power, emotion, detail, relevance, and a storyline. Although the luscious bluesy tones take a front seat, there are also bursts of rock, pop, and soul. The songs come from everything that causes a heart to beat. From his music one can see that Fusco chases his dreams with an authentic courage. The album is a complete joy to listen to…..

5/5 Stars 

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Review by Eileen Shapiro 



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