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King of Bedroom Pop Verzache Releases New, Full Length Album

Toronto-based, Platinum King of Bedroom Pop, VERZACHE, has released his highly-anticipated sprawling 19-track debut album, ‘MY HEAD IS A MOSHPIT– available NOW via Virgin Music today. Download album HERE.

With an impressive 19-track narrative, MY HEAD IS A MOSHPIT is already receiving immediate critical acclaim from the industry tastemakers, NME states, Incorporating his early hip hop influences with an ever-evolving palette of indie inspiration, shoegaze fuzz, and sparse electronica, the young star manages to distill his chaos into a cohesive body of work. Detailing some of his darkest moments, ‘…Moshpit’ showcases vulnerability through its coming of age story.”

An effortlessly-accomplished step forward musically.  ‘MY HEAD IS A MOSHPIThas been slowly unveiled for the past four months with a series of extraordinary streaming singles from VERZACHE, including “Messed Up,” “Look Away,” garnering +3M in global streams and in the final drop – “Think About It” released exclusively on Apple’s Zane Lowe Show with the full album.

VERZACHE explains, “Think About it” is an important chapter of both my life and the journey of making the album. Trying not to let temptation get the best of me even when it felt like it was impossible. Kind of an ode to how I’ll never be perfect but that’s ok.”

IndiePulse Music Magazine was able to interview Verzache about the album and gather some of his thoughts as to his music an it’s meaning.

IPM: One of the cuts from the album, titled Think About It holds some special meaning, can you give us some insight as to the track?

Think About it is an important chapter of both my life and the journey of making the album. Trying not to let temptation get the best of me even when it felt like it was impossible. Kind of an ode to how I’ll never be perfect but that’s ok. Having good people/ support on my side will always keep me in check. 

IPM: What about the song My Head is a Moshpit?

This album is my world over the past two years. I would say calling it an emotional roller coaster is an understatement.  it’s my life through relationships, new experiences, mental health struggles. A lack of control over thoughts and feelings that had to be addressed, it’s wholeheartedly me. Thriving at my highest of highs to being broke down as hell at my lowest of lows. And through all the joy, pain or even contradictions clashing into each other, there’s a lot of realization. what can I say dude, it’s a mosh pit !! 

IPM: So the album, and the entirety of the tracklist is a look into the journey of your life?

I wrote, produced and recorded half of these in my parents’ house and ended up finishing the project some months after i moved out downtown. Making a big project that felt like a journey / world, and seamless was something I’ve wanted to do for a while. One of my best friends, George Walter (musical/creative genius) had a part in helping me with arrangement, fine tuning production and the concept for this. We came up with the interlude skit ideas together, but I didn’t want it to be skits i really wanted it to be as genuine as possible. So we would have conversations and end up forgetting we were recording LOL. I love how all of them turned out.

It took me so damn long to figure out what I wanted. So many edits, re ordering, removing then adding again…. I grew to hate so many of those songs lmao but it was all worth it. 

IPM: What would you like your fans, and our readers to know about this album and why they should listen to it?

I would say I want my fans to listen to this and take what they need from it. Creating My Head Is a Moshpit was my therapy and now it’s out for the world to hear, i can only hope it holds meaning for others. Definitely would recommend people to listen with close homies but a solo listen is a great experience as well! I also desperately want people to jam out to it my goodness please dance. 

IPM: Would you say it is an album about personal growth

I feel like this album represents my growth as an artist and a storyteller. But one thing i think is apparent is my wide set of inspiration and styles. this project is so different from Thought Pool it’s not even funny lol. But that’s exactly what I wanted. And i don’t want to run in the same spot, I’d like to keep branching out of my comfort zone. I think this project sets the tone for the future. 

Like, when I wrote ‘All I Need’, at the time I was definitely in the feels and the title is a pretty big give away but I was just recording how I felt. Looking at the song now, I see it as an example of some good ole young love /infatuation. Some lil’ boi that met someone who showed them something new and took’em out of their comfort zone. You can take what you want from the song! But yo, the fact you can be so obsessed with someone that it feels like everything else is nowhere near as important, is crazy / cute / terrifying/ awesome/ comforting.”

With the release of ‘MY HEAD IS A MOSHPIT’, Verzachecontinues the fast-growing trajectory and international momentum this 23-year-old Toronto native, who has achieved over +300M streams worldwide has been working towards. Hailed by Ones to Watch as “one of the most talented emerging artists”. ‘Moshpit’ follows the critical and commercial success of VERZACHE’s previous EP drops and firmly delivers on his artist potential first witnessed through VERZACHE’s certifiable viral breakthrough phenomenon single, “Needs” which was  featured in more than 4 million fan-created uploads on TikTok.



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