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Poetry Meets Americana in John Vento’s Latest Release “Last Sunset”

John Vento needs no introduction among Americana music fans. For years, the Pittsburg veteran has churned out masterworks that have cemented his legacy as one of the genre’s most creative and consistent musicians. His 2019 album Love, Lust, and Other Wreckage won him an IMEA Award for best Americana album. With a number one album and a slew of other chart-topping singles under his belt, there is no denying that Vento is a musical genius, a fact that Last Sunset only proves further.

His latest offering, Last Sunset, is a sweet tale of love and affection that thaws the heart and delights the soul. The song was inspired by a poem of the same title written by the illustrious Matt Wohlfarth, an incredible poet, artist, comedian, scriptwriter, and author. In Wohlfarth’s own words, he was inspired to write the poem as he thought of “…summer romances that had to end as lovers returned to their real lives.”

The song begins with emotive guitar riffs that play for about 20 seconds before Vento’s voice chimes in. The instrumental sets an emotional ambiance that is laced with light streaks of melancholy and tinges of nostalgia. David Granati and Bob Zigerelli are responsible for the song’s guitar chord progressions, while Kenny Blake contributed the soprano saxophone parts. All these elements combined with the nice piano keys produce a harmonious melody that gives Last Sunset that musical quality that has always set Vento apart from his peers.

The song’s lyrics are vivid and full of imagery in a way that creates an array of mental pictures as you listen to the music. With lyrics such as “Tonight’s or last sunset, I’ll cherish this summer the most,” Vento addresses that bitter-sweet feeling of having had an amazing time with a lover but having to separate from each other due to life’s obligations. Vento goes on to express intense feelings of love and attachment with “Holding you tight, like a muscle hugs the pier, can’t face the loneliness without you.”

There are a lot more quotable lyrics in Last Sunset that excellently express themes of love and attachment. The song owes its topical depth to Wohlfarth’s poetic skill and its musicality to John Vento and his talented collaborators’ exceptional delivery. Vento’s vocal dexterity shines throughout the song, while Cherylann Hawk’s vocal backups add color and flavor to this wonderful composition. With Last Sunset, the Pittsburgh businessman, activist and philanthropist has demonstrated that he has a lot more to draw from his well of creativity and inspiration. 

–Kenneth Dujour



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