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“Work It Out Now” by Intelligent Diva

The one and only, Intelligent Diva, has a new single, “Work It Out Now.” The Jacksonville based, Singer, Actress, and Entrepreneur, is something of a boss, and she’s eyeing one of the biggest runs of her career, yet. ID discovered her love for singing, in her church choir, and found inspiration from 90’s era female artists in particular. She has already amassed an extensive body of work, having released several singles over the last few years. “Work It Out Now” is said to be a contrast to her previous work.

URL: https://intelligentdivamusic.com/

There’s an overarching sense of female empowerment and an emphatic depiction of independence, to Intelligent Diva’s work. She has created a larger than life persona, and set an example in doing so. She’s an entertainer and a businesswoman, and she is not without something to say. The spirit of her vision, is channeled in her music, which is the crux of her message. She will not apologize for embracing the more extravagant aspects of herself, and that is more evident than ever on her new single.

“Work It Out Now,” might surprise some by being labeled with a parental advisory warning. The thing is, is that it’s far more suggestive than graphic. It’s got a Salt N’ Pepa flavor to it, no pun intended. The significance of Salt N’ Pepa, was that they were essentially doing the same thing as 2 Live Crew, but because they were girls, there seemed to be a stronger sense of shock value to it. Therefore it’s important to remember just how progressive their success was, in opening the doors for women to be more expressive, without an unwritten code of conduct. You can draw a straight line from them to female artists like Cardi B, and Intelligent Diva.

Musically speaking, there isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking about “Work It Out Now.” It mostly seems like an opportunity for ID to show a different side of herself to existing fans, and perhaps garner the interest of new ones. She delivers a signature and idiosyncratic performance, with her trademark confidence and sass. She knows her style and more importantly, her strengths, and she is sure to emphasize that on the track.

You’ll definitely come away from “Work It Out Now,” knowing a lot more about ID, and that is an objective, reached. Do a sexy walk/then turn on em/look em up and down/with your eye/then snap on em. You have to hand it to ID, as that is an innately visual lyric. She owns the room, by mere verbal description, and it’s clear that she knows every trick in the book. Repeat listens to “Work It Out Now” is likely to you have you giggling, auspiciously. ID uses the power of suggestion to probe the outer limits of provocation.

Intelligent Diva is in the midst of a career breakthrough. The body of work she is currently putting together, will be a defining era for her. “Work It Out Now,” may or may not be considered something of a novelty. Regardless, ID poured herself into the performance, without question. It’s precisely that sort of work ethic that fuels her seemingly uninterrupted ascent.

Mindy McCall

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