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“Jab the World” by Vineet

The world, since March 2020, has certainly lived out the ancient proverb “may you live in interesting times”. The COVID-19 pandemic has left obvious scars on our world, the massive loss of life leading the way, but there are other effects less obvious and publicized. Vineet took note of how the pandemic revealed hatred and prejudices among everyday men and women but, instead of allowing it to make him feel hopeless, he found songwriting inspiration in this phenomenon and penned his new single “Jab the World”. It imagines a world where eradicating hate with a vaccination is possible. Some will guffaw when they hear/read this, cynics always will, but the realism of this doesn’t matter. We need songs like this more than ever – it is upbeat and aspirational but encourages us to reach for higher ideals.

The video achieves the same effects. We don’t ever see Vineet during the clip; the video, instead, highlights an assortment of people dancing, smiling, rejoicing in the thought there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is a lyric video, but the words flashing across the images never obscure the video’s content. There is a little disconnect between the song’s subject matter and footage, but it isn’t enough to undermine either. It is notable that he focuses much of the video’s attention on medical professionals and links up well with the opening tribute he pays to the nurses and scientists who have been so essential to turning a corner with this murderous pandemic.

His vocals are especially potent. The way he attacks the lyric makes the words sound like a call to arms and his muscular phrasing immeasurably enhances the words. He excels with the catchy chorus, digging into each line with absolute commitment, but his transition from the verses into that moment is every bit as memorable. He knows to never push too hard; instead, he backs off at the right moments and works hard to compliment the music rather than remaining oblivious to it.

The lines are short and to the point. He wants as many listeners as possible to connect with his vision of a world freed from hate, so he keeps his language lean and economical rather than indulging himself with faux-poetic dribble. This is songwriting for all people rather than an elite few and the chorus, in particular, aims for the widest possible audience. It’s these qualities, among others, that give “Jab the World” the potential to open his career in a new way.

The guitar and drums give “Jab the World” additional weight. There is a synthesized tone to the former that some traditionalists may not like, but it nevertheless carries the track along in a convincing rock vein. The drums have enough snap to hold your attention as well. Vineet’s new single is one of the most effective tracks coming out of the pandemic you’ll hear and its glowing optimism for the future is heartening after a long and extraordinary year. We live in interesting times indeed. 

Mindy McCall



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