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“Voices” by Pistols At Dawn

Voices” is the newest single from Atlanta Hard Rock outfit, Pistols At Dawn. The band sports a two guitar lineup that adds a depth to their sound, giving “Voices” an added girth. Manning the Lead Vocals is former Rockstar Supernova contestant, Chris Pierson. Pierson has a peak range, with just enough rasp to suit the genre, well. He’s not necessarily suited for the obligatory growling/screaming that is prevalent in Modern Hard Rock, but he gives it a go, nonetheless. 

In many ways, “Voices” is something of a prototypical Modern Hard Rock song. It’s structured in such a way, to combine a catchy and powerful chorus, with melodic verses, interspersed with metallic screams. It wouldn’t have been out of place in the early 2000’s, during the Nu Metal craze. It fits nicely within its genre, but certainly won’t be without its critics for being run of the mill, or intentionally conventional. Bands like PAD are doing their part to keep a broader genre, that is struggling, alive, and that must be taken into consideration. 

WEBSITE: https://www.pistolsatdawnband.com/

The band wrote “Voices,” as a reference to the overabundance of opinions expressed on a daily basis, primarily through platforms such as social media. They say it’s about not only quieting the voices that surround us, but also the ones in our own head, so as not to find ourselves, dangerously overwhelmed. It’s a responsible message with tonality, as well as being timely. The band shows themselves to be in touch with their audience and the very real struggles that they face, daily. There is a message and compassion at the heart  of “Voices,” which carries some weight.

Musically, it is well written and performed. The production is high caliber, and the band knows their sound, although that particular sound might not be the most original to surface in recent years. PAD seem more concerned with doing things well, rather than being the first ones to do something. “Voices,” attempts to feed all the specific appetites of the target audience. There is angst, posturing, volume, and an epic guitar solo in the bridge section.

The video for “Voices,” sees the band performing in a room lit solely by candles. It takes on a bit of a ceremonial feel, with much of the focus on Pierson. It’s hard to tell if it’s by necessity or if it’s a sort of symbolism, but the band are tightly squeezed together. If it’s the latter, it would seem to symbolize the song’s meaning, in the congestion of the voices that influence our psyche. The setting denotes a sense of claustrophobia, and if it’s intended to discomfort, it works.

If you simply enjoy “Voices,” for what it is; a well written and sincere rock song, then you won’t be disappointed. The track hits all the right notes, figuratively and literally, and does a fine job of introducing you to the band, if you weren’t already familiar. There are certainly moods that a band like Pistols At Dawn, will accommodate. You also get the impression that the group is perfectly content, to stay in their own lane, so to speak. PAD has a voice, and they’re here to tell you that the one you should always trust, over all others, is your own.

Mindy McCall



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