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Gabriele Saro, Ivan Comas, and Roberto Fabbro Release 2 New Singles

“Breathing” and “Gangsta” are the latest track by musical assortment Gabriele Saro, Ivan Comas, and Roberto Fabbro. A fantastic duel release that actually compliments each other more than you might realize. Saro has certainly had an eclectic background that actually feeds into the other quite seamlessly, having attained a degree in Business and a diploma in violin, and a master in film music composition.

URL: https://www.gabrielesaro.com/

Certainly, a blend of the artistic and the pragmatic points of view, and Saro has been using his background in film composition expertly because both of these tracks drip with an immediate atmospheric quality that carries all the way through the tracks. Both of a more positive variety, they capture a lot of the same themes and tones, specifically about following one’s own path and not being held down. They do go about it in two different ways with “Breathing” being a slower-paced sexy R&B style sound.

There, the male vocals acknowledge how tired he is trying to keep up with someone who doesn’t value his heart and how he can’t do it anymore. The beat is minimalist, and the vocals are very intimate. In ways, the vocals don’t always match up to the beat, but this almost feels like it was done on purpose to evoke the feelings of breathlessness. The performance is very engaging and I wish I knew the name of the performer because he imbues the performance with a sense of pathos and a rich texture that helps the song never feels static, even as the sense of escalation in the song is a lot more subtle than your average pop song. Whereas that song feels like the kind of hazy late-night jam you’d listen to when you’re thinking about life, “Gangsta” is the kind of song you listen to when you’re imagining yourself walking in slo-mo living your best life.

PANDORA: https://www.pandora.com/artist/gabriele-saro-ivan-comar-and-roberto-fabbro/superstars-single/breathing/TRbcxzpprhzxv62

Fitted with a very interesting and almost complimentary jarring male backing of “oh-oh’s” with a female vocal performance who I also wish I could name, but she does a wonderful job. Since this an Italian paring, in “Gangsta” you can definitely tell English isn’t her first language, but it’s not jarring or tonally off. Everyone here is certainly working to their strengths and much like “Breathing”, the track is super simple in its instrumental, and while it fits the song, the same issue of a lack of escalation prevails, but I guess not every song needs to end with a little more bombast. If you’re into more international groups of bands, I’d highly recommend these tracks, and even if you’re not this is a good first step into that world. Saro is an accomplished musician with Silver Medals at the Global Music Awards with 3 new-age/classical albums and has composed music for documentaries. He’s also a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers and has written 900 pieces, and you can find more of his extensive work on his website. I’m giving these tracks a highly recommended 8 out of 10.

Mindy McCall

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