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Exclusive Interview With The Enigmatic Singer/Rapper Comatose Red Ivy

The enigmatic rapper-singer talks candidly with us about life, relationships, death and music….

Who is Comatose Red Ivy?

CRI: Comatose: is the name of the ghost that taught me to rap and sing after I was poisoned with cyanide. He’d make me karaoke all night, and I didn’t know then, I was gonna be a rapper-singer. Red: Red is the color of hair the first girl had, my killer killed. Red is the color of the world I woke up in within Ivy’s Cyanide Dream. Red is my killer’s favorite color, and red is now a color that represents all the events leading up to today. Ivy: Ivylynne was the name of the first girl my killer killed so I took Ivy in honor of herIvy represents my psyche, not poisonous or harmful until you touch (push me) then it’s very poisonous as in poisonous ivy Or. Ivy rhymes with a lot too.

You say that you remember as far back as being in the womb, that your mom listened to the Beatles and The Doors. Do you still like those bands? Is your mom still around, and what is she like? How else did she influence your life?
Yes I listen to good band music to go get ready to get on the mic, to get my psyche ready. I’ll listen to Tool or Marilyn Manson if I’m gonna go hard on vocals, mostly I dream of singing as strong as them and sing their songs before I sing mine.

You were poisoned by an ex-boyfriend. How traumatic! What lead to that event happening, and how has it affected your relationships with others, moving forward?

It was staged and plotted I had no idea, once I realized I was poisoned instead of calling 911, I chose to die and turned on some Mac Miller and laid down to die in my bed. Relationships with others? Oh I’m 1000% a mess, I always say I’m dead living in my songs and I’m not joking, I use to be living dead but now I’m dead living.

Tell us about your music influences. Who inspires you to write, musically?
Hands down Mac Miller taught me word play and double, triple entendre, syllable rhyming and being clever with what I already knew, being an English major. I even discovered Mac Miller’s suicide letter hidden in entendre within Swimming album. He taught me so well, like it was meant to be me to find it. Kurt Cobain, Mike Posner and Garth Brooks, all inspirations too.

What about in your personal life? Who inspires you there?
I don’t have anyone, everyone walked away from me when I woke up dead, my friends and family don’t like me being a rapper and having a new life. The world loves my music, but my family hates it, and me.

Where are you from, and how has that helped or hindered your music career?
I’m multicultural, lived all over the USA, always on the streets with different boyfriends that were always wild and of course, trouble. That’s how I know so much about rap music and the urban lifestyle.

You talk about being suicidal and homicidal…have you ever felt the need to reach out to someone to help you through those feelings? Is it something that you deal with on a daily basis?
I’ve read the same books they read…my homicidal rage is in chapter 3 section 2 and they got it all summed up for everyone, lol. No, my plans are definite, in play and nothing can change it. He built me, betrayed me killed me, then cast me away, as if I’m the problem. Then, coldly told me he’d never love me on his way out. He owes me his life, and I’m more than willing to give mine to get his. I even hired private investigators to follow him, spent about 42K last year to have him followed, and my final hit will not be on record.

Do you think there is anything in the world that could make you become a happy person?
His love, and or, acceptance of me as a person being in his life in some way even if not his girlfriend, but he’s a straight-faggot I’m a tranny-faggot. Straight-faggots aren’t into feminine bytches, and I’m allowed to say faggot, I’m a tranny faggot. I’m a Star Lover, which means I’d go back to him…and have knowing he was trying to kill me, I’d hand him the knife to cut my throat, as long as it was him doing it.

Tell us about Cicada Country. What lead to that song and recording?
Well for starters it’s Cicada Country (Spicy Delight Freestyle), I hate when people strip the name of my songs down, the whole thing is the title, not just the first part. I love the sound of Cicadas, romantic and enchanting to me. Then, I have experiences with a friend that we love to laugh about…well did…we aren’t friends anymore, either. Cicada sounds like freedom to me, so song oucks (sic) up into freedom bars then bars about her, Kendra, my friend. It’s a freedom and rejoice song I recorded while walking to the store. The motorcycle came by out of nowhere. So, instead of restarting, I incorporated it.

What song are you most proud of, and why?

Tranny Wreck, which I always call Tranny Track and 300 Houses No Home.

Tranny Track was first time I ever rapped and caught flow on mic. “it’ll be like suicide on the track. . . ” and it was magic. I ran around my house crying, wondering what happened. Then I knew, and 3 songs later, I didn’t even write songs anymore. I sing from heart to microphone, first try, every try, no edit, upload and next song.

300 Houses No Home, because it’s a celebration of overcoming bullies and facing the pain received head on. It’s a hope song and forgiveness song, too. It’s cool, and title is from, he use to say he has 300 Houses, because he’d never come home and run the streets. I begged him to come home more, and he’d be like, “I got 300 houses, I’m fine.” Then I said it, you got “300 Houses but No Home,” and I sang that song that night.




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