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Top 5 Ways To Earn Money Playing The Piano

People often inquire about valuable ways for a musician just beginning out to earn cash. While getting paid as a musician is never easy, there are many good places to start that often need performers (even inexperienced ones) and pay decently. You can also begin teaching at LVL Music Academy to earn money.

Next, let’s do some strategy work: It’s likely best to take a two-pronged plan to your future as a novice musician:

In the longer term, the attention should be on where you’ll be in 5-10 years (i.e., touring, improving your artist identity to the extent where it is your primary gig, and so on). All should eventually work with this goal, so if you can earn cash while honing your musical skills, that’s even better.

To make quick money, you can take advantage of work that more established musicians seem not to want or do not have time to do. The majority of your early paying prospects will be in places where trained musicians are in short supply.

Here are a few ways you can earn money playing piano only;

Teach Piano Lessons Online

Using your piano and your skills to give online piano classes is an excellent way to keep the money coming. Working online helps you collaborate with piano students from all across the world while also improving your piano skills. 

You can start with LVL music academy or with free video conference apps like Facetime, Skype, or Focus on your laptop, desktop, or mobile with a camera to get going. 

There are many online channels available for music teachers to communicate with students interested in studying various equipment.

Online Merchandising

Each musician ought to have a site to advertise their shows and sell CDs, but that’s not all! Music fans enjoy wearing customized items such as t-shirts, buttons, caps, and hooded sweatshirts to support their favorite artists. 

Fans love posters, PDFs of your music, commemorative pictures, and posters, among other things.

Collect revenue from digital material

Don’t miss out on the chance to earn digital revenue on your songs by creating a free Sound Sharing account. An internet streaming service is supposed to pay you compensation if one of your compositions is played. 

Webcasts, articles, cable TV radio stations, Google play music, and XM Radio radio are some of the online streaming sites that play music in the background.

Compose music for movies and videos

Working with a music licensing agency is yet another way for instrumentalists to earn profit online. Music licensing for video production is provided by companies, which connects pianists with artists in need of licensed songs. 

When your music is selected for use in a film, not only will you earn money, but also be included in the listing, which will get your image out there now and possibly contribute to further work down the road.

Develop a Patron Profile for Your Supporters

Patron is an online service that allows pianists to earn money through their fans by receiving reasonable weekly pledges. As a pianist, you have the option of providing bonuses to your fans depending on the size of their commitment. 

Many artists have regular pledge amounts varying from $1 to $25, and if you have a broad sufficient fan base, those commitments will add up to a significant monthly income increase. 

Encourage your piano music fans to become Patron supporters by providing exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes youtube videos or live streams directly from your Facebook profile.



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