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AV Super Sunshine Drops New Single

AV Super Sunshine trades their bag of tricks for something a little more deliberate and romantic with their newest track “A Wedding Song”. Don’t let the title fool you, for just “A” wedding song, it feels in a lot of ways like it’ll be people’s definitive wedding song. The group has had no shortage of personal songs that have filled their pretty lengthy catalog as the group has been making music since 2015 and has an album drop nearly every year since, but this one somehow feels like their most personal to date.


Starting with the grandiose guitar notes and harpsichord sounding accompaniments, we hear the steady and thoughtful utterance of “I wish we could be at our wedding on our wedding day”, and the imagery is evocative with ruminations of blue skies, smiling facing and even the desire to give back to the people who are here to celebrate with the vocalists happy day, saying that he’s smiling right alongside them. The mood is uplifting and heart-achingly sweet, and even the utterance of “And I love you, I say I do” is a basic lyrical composition, but damn if it isn’t effective. It makes the most of its runtime by filling the song with chimes and really bringing the guitar to the forefront with some interesting reverb effects and despite all of those aforementioned elements that make the song so unique, it never feels cluttered or overbearing, and trust me when I say it had every chance to dip into some over the top cutesie trite based on the title alone.

It’s a little repetitive I’ll admit which is a slight downgrade from the band’s previous work, but when you take into account the intent was to create something that felt like anyone could connect with it regardless of age, gender, or race, I’d say, for the most part, it’s accomplished. I’d argue next time they want to dip into something so personal, they shouldn’t be afraid to get a little more specific, because that specificity might go a long way for people who want something sweet and personal, without compromising itself. I would say in some ways it’s actually a song that’s critic-proof if only because it’s such a tightly structured and performed song, that beyond the aforementioned lack of more depth-ridden detail, I seriously adored this track.

I’m under the belief we need more positive music in general and with the pop stations increasingly filled with detailed accounts of heartbreak and betrayal, having a song written by someone who wanted to gift their partner with something that would last forever, it’s a breath of fresh air! It’ll be easier to recommend this song too as AV Super Sunshine has a few televised performances coming up on the Tamron Hall Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and CBS Saturday, so I’d keep an eye on that and spread the word because you never know who could be affected by this beautiful song and it’s thoughtful empowering and evocative emotions.

Mindy McCall

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