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The Dream Logic – “Cisco Kid”

Fusing genres can be a tall order for most. Paying attention to giving each nuance from a mesh of genres their due might feel insurmountable to bands not up to the task, but every so often there come bands that are as confident at warping the lines between sounds as they are helming their instruments; they use the concepts of “genres” as a secondary instrument of their own.

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As soon as the new single from rock-funk trio The Dream Logic begins, it’s extremely evident that there’s more at play than just a run-of-the-mill cover track within the barrier-defying confines of “Cisco Kid.” As it starts, listeners are thrown in headfirst with a drum solo that spans the first twenty seconds of the song, a move that could be seen as self-serving if it didn’t paint the picture of the song to come so well, which is a cover of War’s classic track chronicling the rise and fall of a famed Western icon The Cisco Kid, from which the song gains its namesake.

The Dream Logic is far from novices when it comes to the music scene. Helming from New York, New York with three full-length releases already under their belt (and readily available at their Bandcamp), they return with the single “Cisco Kid,” which marks the fourth single released after their full-length album Liquid Sunshine. To attempt to put The Dream Logic within a specific genre would only make your head hurt – once again displaying a knack for funky flourishes and deft instrumental competence accompanied with lyrics that paint a picture straight out of a Clint Eastwood epic, the band dances between a wide array of classifications, including but certainly not limited to ska, funk, classic rock, and even prog at times with the attention to extended musical interludes.

Minor complaints come regarding the simplicity of the lyrics, but these don’t reflect on The Dream Logic as it’s a cover song at its base component. Still, the lyrics don’t paint as vastly colorful of a picture as they possibly could have. “Cisco Kid was a friend of mine” is repeated throughout the song with no variety in its structure, which could have used its familiarity and repetition to its advantage. However, it’s evident the song isn’t trying to be an epic and instead opts to be a brief foray into storytelling through its lyrics without giving everything up its sleeve away. The Dream Logic lives up to its name by giving hints of the absurd and epic that can be found within our dreams, offering little to no explanation choosing instead to give us memorable rhythms and feelings to focus on instead.

“Cisco Kid” is strong enough to make listeners intrigued by the band behind the music, and will surely serve as a gateway and entry point for new fans to venture into previous albums from The Dream Logic, as well as a piece that will work to gain interest for albums and fans yet to come. The future isn’t certain, but as much as one can come to expect death and taxes, we should also come to expect funky genre-bending from the musical maestros in The Dream Logic.

Mindy McCall

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