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What to Choose for a Party?

5 Best Songs

The right program is what can make your party great. You should think when you’re going to just chat with your friends, dance, and play casino games. But how to make a party better? Then turn on the music, and these 5 songs will improve the most boring party.

Hey Ya

One of the most catchy tunes in your head. You can try not to dance to it, but we assure you that you won’t succeed. When the groovy rhythms of this song start beating in your player, it feels like your soul spreads its wings and rides the musical waves towards the adventures. 

The song was written in 2003 and quickly won the love of listeners. It quickly climbed up to the top of many music charts and got platinum status in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Sweden, and Norway.

Gold Digger

This song is so infectious that it is impossible not to move to it. Just what you need for a good party. By the way, this seemingly not the most romantic song was very popular at weddings.

The sound of Jamie Foxx’s voice gives the composition a special flavor. Thanks to him, the song turned out to be light and relaxed. Fox’s vocal perfectly complements the rather coarse reading manner of Kanye West. By the way, “Gold Digger” set a record for the number of downloads. Right after the release, it was downloaded by 80 000 people.

You Can Call Me Al

Do you know what the best dance songs lack? A whistle! Just listen to this Paul Simon song, and you’ll realize that the easy whistles that are heard in the composition make you involuntarily put a slight smile on your face. Yet, this song is about the search, about a man’s search for himself.

“You Can Call Me Al” is suitable for a party, even if the songs on it will be played on the guitar. Finding the chords for this song is very easy. Perhaps its simplicity is what draws the listener in. 

Single Ladies

This song became the anthem of all girls who are not burdened with a serious relationship. Beyoncé enjoys talking about all the pleasures of free life. You can go on dates, enjoy men’s glances, shoot your own eyes and, of course, dance uncomplicated dances.

In this music video, Beyoncé shows you how to move to her music. “Single Ladies” received worldwide acclaim, Rolling Stone magazine even named the song the best song of 2008. 

Like a Prayer

This list would not be complete without Madonna. “Like a Prayer” is an almost magical combination of drums and electric guitar. The sounds of the song draw the listener into a vast world of music, and Madonna’s vocals leave the listener in that world for a long time. The song was the title track on the singer’s album of the same name, which was released in 1989.

We know that Madonna is a queen not only in the world of music, but also in the world of provocation, so there is something more serious behind the song’s lighthearted sound. “Like a Prayer” is about the difference between the sacred and the profane. The singer herself believes that everyone hears only what he wants to hear in this song.



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