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Kevin Rollinson, AKA K-Roll Drops an Earthquake

The real story of Kevin Rollinson, AKA K-Roll, is equally, if not more sensational than any of the characters he might play in one of his many film roles. Rollinson initially set out to be a recording artist and comedian, and in a very nonlinear fashion, became both. Of all things, a ringtone is what led to his first major career breakthrough. After some initial recordings and an inquiry through craigslist to convert one of them into a ringtone, Rollinson was inadvertently led into an opportunity to expand his musical presence. Which leads us to his brand new single “Earthquake.”

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/artistkroll/

Featuring, Quesh, $DOE$, and Nick Scott, “Earthquake” is an ode to either twerking or booty clapping, depending on your vernacular. By that description, you may think you already know what to expect with the track, but its presentation might just surprise you. While it’s not necessarily an instant classic, it is far from epically bad. In fact, in some strange way, “Earthquake,” could spawn an entirely new slang for a somewhat lascivious motion. Furthermore, it’s a relatively unique arrangement, with a lot in the way of personality, and occasional moments of disjointedness.

With so many contributing figures, you might think “Earthquake” would devolve into pandemonium. Impressively, the track is composed in such a way that allows everyone to be featured, without stepping over one another. As aforementioned, there are a few instances of the mix seeming off with the tempo. This is typically indicative of not using a metronome of some sort. It’s admittedly difficult for musicians of all genres, but it could have corrected some post production issues here.

Lock it/pop it/just don’t stop it. The setting for “Earthquake” is quickly established to be some kind of gentlemen’s club. The idea here isn’t to illustrate the scene through the beauty of poetry and prose, but to create the stark visual. “Earthquake,” may have a couple toes in the fire of vulgarity, but it never strays from being at least, marginally fun. The key, of course, is simply to enjoy this song for what it is.

There isn’t a lot to compare “Earthquake” too, in regards to similar tracks or artists. Through the subject matter has been exploited across all genres, ad nauseam, the presentation is stylistically specific enough to stand apart from any general parallels. You could say it falls into the R&B category, with a strong dose of Hip Hop seasoning. Finding its way onto radio, might be a chore, without a re-edit or a clean version, the latter of which could prove to be somewhat insurmountable. The strength of “Earthquake” is in it’s ability to create its own identity in a medium that seems perpetually starved for new ideas.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/earthquake-single/1562147435

K-Roll is an artist to watch. He seems to have a semi charmed path to success, and the glass is soundly, half full. “Earthquake,” may or may not be, what he is ultimately be remembered for, but it will certainly be a novel addition to his growing catalog of versatility. His respective pursuits seem predisposed to a gradual and organic ascension of sorts. The rumble under your feet, might just be the rise of the artist who created the most recent earthquake.

Mindy McCall

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