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“Heat” by Bing

Heat is a term that has essentially one literal meaning, and a multi applicable figurative one. Take pro wrestling for example; in which heat is a term that has several meanings. For the most part though, it means a fiery reaction , or emotional fervor of some sort. To be described as “cold,” it means to have lost any momentum or connection. Heat, on the other hand, is exactly where you want the temperature to be.

On his new single, Houston Based Rapper, Bing, probably uses the term, heat, in the metaphorical sense. The track, titled, you guessed it, “Heat,” is a slightly unpolished, but surprisingly immersive piece, that is catchier than you would predict. Bing himself, seems to have something of a low key personality, highlighted by an ability to slip into hyperbolic overdrive on a whim. He plays his work down a bit in his bio, and it admittedly suits his demeanor. After listening to “Heat,” though, you get the sense that there is a fire burning inside him, no pun intended.

KKBOX: https://www.kkbox.com/sg/en/album/T-umSwn7x-wkU0F5MaUS009H-index.html

Bing is based out of Houston, TX, which is something of a hotbed for Hip Hop and music, in general. It’s also a city that has a seedy side, and if you grow up there, you had better learn to take care of yourself, so to speak. Bing exudes that rugged Texan exterior, but it’s clear that underneath it, beats the heart of an artist. He shows a clear sense of direction on “Heat,” and while the result isn’t exactly, radio ready, the concept certainly is. Bing comes across like one of those unassuming and unlikely dark horses, who just might surprise you with his potential. 

The track itself, is not what you would call a rough demo. It’s actually a decently produced record, that just needs a few tweaks. Bing turns in a spirited and inspired performance, that leaves you with a better sense of who he is. He accomplishes more than many more “polished” artists do in their first try. We come away with a clearer picture of who Bing is, and it allows you to accept or reject him, on his own merit.

We generally like to conclude these reviews, with an endorsement of the artist and an optimistic outlook on their future. While Bing is certainly still finding his way, and less so, his voice, I will not break that trend, here. Bing is as genuine as it gets, and there is an undeniable quality to his music, if you approach it with an open mind. “Heat” is a lively track, with a competent arrangement and a lot to pick apart, lyrically. If Bing continues to move forward and push himself, then he can become a true heat magnet.

Mindy McCall

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