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“26 Letters” by Singer/Songwriter Luckie Boy

“26 Letters” is the new song from Nashville-based pop singer/songwriter Luckie Boy. I’ll be there in every word you read, the crooner sings in this sonic love letter. For those couples miles away, this is a darling (but daring music bed) reminder that love conquers all. It’s a sweet, lush escape from angst. It’s a buoyant track that pools together dance, electronica and a catchy chorus. The hook in this song is that you want to sing along, and that you pull from your own memory bank a time that you wanted to say the very words Luckie Boy sings. 

Co-written by Grammy and Dove-nominee Thornton Cline, “26 Letters” is the perfect song to be added to a teen movie or television program. Underneath the words are exuberant tones, shimmering waves flowing like ribbons. His voice is suave, smooth. He’s made for singing pop songs just like this one. Everything clicks together in such a seamless way, that you almost forget you’re not in the same room as Luckie Boy. While the futuristic sound waves might be untouchable, his singing draws you closer and closer. His voice is approachable, and before you know it, you’re riding that pop high. He’s not sitting at home and crying in his hands, he’s putting those hands to work and writing of his love, his ‘x’s’ and ‘o’s’.

Luckie Boy, a graduate of audio and engineering school, has great instincts and makes some changes at the song’s midpoint. He switches the tones and sort of flips the script, only to come back around. It was totally unexpected but it paid off in a big way. Big impactful, whip moments (think “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull featuring NeYo) and then melodic, mellow tones. Luckie Boy’s music may change, but the passion in his voice is steady. He doesn’t try to be something he’s not with his voice. He rewards the listener in this way – it’s one thing to sing something outside of your comfort zone, it’s another to be someone you’re not. Luckie Boy, who’s other hits include “Cry Myself to Sleep” and “Hourglass” (both Cline collaborations by the way) is in his hit wheelhouse with “26 Letters”. 

The verdict? This one’s a keeper, as is Luckie Boy. It’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out, not to mention hold a listener’s attention. Listeners are driven by singles and I’m guilty of being a skip or next track consumer. I’m very open to songs like this and I loved the way “26 Letters” celebrates pop/dance, but also the short-but-sweet storytelling. IT’s nice to smile again, and to feel the sunlight in a song. Luckie Boy’s beats and rhythms paint a wide canvas of yellows, oranges and purples. Being in a relationship is hard enough, never mind adding a long-distance situation into the mix. Luckie Boy champions this time away for all couples in his enjoyable “26 Letters”. So if you need a little luck in your life or in your relationship, Luckie Boy’s “26 Letters” might fit ‘to the t.’ 

Mindy McCall

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