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Leo Ganza – “Pandemic”

Brooklyn based Rapper, Leo Ganza, has chosen to tackle the fairest game in town, with his new single, “Pandemic.” Music inspired by the virus is likely to be a bit polarizing at this point in time, however, Ganza applies a slight twist. This is essentially a love song, which envisions two people finding love in the most uncertain of times. Ganza actually goes a step further though, and draws the parallels of the most challenging period in modern history, and something else that has plagued us for decades; police brutality.  It’s a timely effort and in some cases, sensitive subject matter, but somehow Leo Ganza gives an affable and heartfelt performance in well under three minutes.

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First impressions aren’t always everything, but they are a massive thing. So right from the jump, you will be impressed with the quality of production on “Pandemic.” Cliché as it may be, the first phrase that comes to mind when describing this track is, radio ready. Ganza has a style that is unique to himself, yet has just enough qualities inherited from his influences to immediately grab your attention. Couple that with a high brow arrangement, and we’ve got a potential hit on our hands.

Instrumentally, “Pandemic” is subtle and sleek. It sounds like there is a guitar in the intro, but if so it’s well blended into the mix, and somewhat faint. Either way, the beats themselves are at times, big and ostentatious, and thoughtful and expressive at others. Leo Ganza does a fine job of straddling the line between vulnerability and confidence. He gives a sincere performance, that has a genuine sense of urgency and a sworn oath to the truth in his own eyes.

Remember all the pain/remember all the struggle/we stayed strong/living in a bubble. A powerfully direct and poignant lyric, Ganza captures the ruminative aftermath of mandatory isolation and subsequent separation anxiety. He reinforces the all-consuming and indefatigable power of love, that was the only thing that kept many of us alive and going, throughout the ordeal. We’re going to hear a lot of music coming from the fallout of Covid, that was inspired by the unprecedented nature of such an unforeseeable event. “Pandemic,” will stand out as one of the tracks inspired the experience, that does a one two punch to the gut and to the heart.

Leo Ganza is developing a reputation for being somewhat prolific. He has his hand in a few different projects, but this piece seems deeply personal to him. His passion is unquestionable, and you can tell from his performance on “Pandemic” that the emotional awakening he underwent is as real as it gets. The beauty is that the rest of us incurred the same process, and we can instantly relate to such an honest piece of music. Who knows where we go from here, as we recollect as a society in our respective communities, but perhaps the intangible vaccine, is the love we retrieved in the unlikeliest of spaces.

Mindy McCall

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