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How To Get Onto Music Supervisors Playlists

Ever been watching a show and wondered how the music fits perfectly with the theme? That’s not a coincidence. Music supervisors search for the perfect song and playlist to fit the show their working on, and usually it’s the smaller and undiscovered bands that are featured. So how do you get your music featured on a show? You need to be persistent and remember to believe in what you create.

Trust In Your Music

Making yourself stand out from others can be tricky. Trust in your music and one day you might be discovered and grow in popularity. Sharing your music on social media and engaging with your followers is a great way to grow your following. This won’t happen overnight, you need to stay active and believe that your music will be seen by the right people eventually. Just like a business you need to build your brand and show people what you’re doing, make them want to listen to your new music, hype them up before releasing tracks – share new songs through social media channels, then you’ll build a following.

Pitch Your Music For Potential Playlists

Whether it’s through Spotify or Apple Music, getting your music noticed can be done in a number of different ways. Getting your name or band’s name onto a featured playlist is a good way to invite new following and the potential of others finding you. Both music streaming services offer curated playlists of undiscovered and smaller bands looking to grow their following, and many have found success through being featured. “Pitching your music to these streaming services is one way you can go about it, make sure you have all the fine details, the genre and mood, so it can potentially fit in one of their playlists,” says Rachel Smith, a music blogger at Assignment Help and UKWritings.

Always Be Grateful

It may sound strange, but if you’re humble and patient people will be willing to work with you and notice you from others. Do this by always attending to emails and replies, whether it’s through social media or other mediums, you want to be known for being kind, people want to work with others who are friendly. However you are reaching out to, make sure that you never waste their time and always have things prepared for potential meetings. You want to be genuine when telling others about tour dates and new music releases so that people can trust you.

Less Is More

The same sentiment goes when sending out your music to supervisors. Don’t send a whole album, while it can be tempting to do so after spending time creating and crafting your music, it can be tiresome for music supervisors. What’s worse is that they very much well have hundreds of albums to listen to and you’re just a number, you want to sell your music to them so refine what you have. Music supervisors likely only listen to a few seconds on each song, so pick your best tracks and send them instead.

Include Every Detail

Thanks to online music streaming services it’s easy to release your music to your fans and for potential deals with music supervisors to be found. With artists profile remember to include every detail of your music, you name, social media and contact information. “It may not be a priority to have all this information out there but if you are discovered its easy then for the person to contact you directly instead of them going on a hunt to track you down, which won’t happen,” says Jack Lorenson, a writer at Custom Writing and OXEssays.

Refine Your Music

If you watch any shows or movies and you like the sort of music that’s on their try and tailor your music for that specific show. This is a great way to find you niche and with most music supervisors on social media you can contact the directly and tell them that the show or movie has inspired you to write a particular song. Today this is done a lot and the success rate is high for being discovered. Don’t change you songs for just one movie or show, look at what you’ve already produced and see if it’s a good fit for one show or maybe two. You’ll be surprised to see what you can come up with what you already have.

With some perseverance and confidence you can get your music featured and discovered. Try and stay patient, although it can take some time for someone to find you you’re already out there growing your audience and creating music.

Lauren Groff is a content marketer and editor. She is a featured writer at Lia Help and Big Assignments. In her spare time Lauren assists companies in their marketing strategy concepts, and contributes to numerous sites and publications like Student Writing Services.



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