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Dorian Paul “Shake It Around”

Dorian Paul is bringing a lot of energy to his latest release in “Shake It Around,” but if you’ve ever heard this singer’s work before now, you should be anticipating nothing less. “Shake It Around” is a groove anthem that puts everything on the back burner behind the emphasis of its rhythm, but while it doesn’t pretend to be any more sophisticated a piece than it actually is, it feels remarkably smooth, cosmopolitan, and at times more than a little divine when in the hands of Paul. He’s got a trademark technique to the way he approaches his work, and in this track, it’s a little hard to ignore. 

These lyrics are incredibly simple, but I don’t think they necessarily needed to be all that complicated for us to get what they’re trying to spotlight in the grander scheme of things. Not unlike the grooves on their own, these words are designed to add to the massive sway of the music, as opposed to contextualizing any of the emotion Paul is trying to express from behind the mic. The truth of the matter is, his passions are already bleeding into the instrumental faceting of this song so liberally that there’s no need for any further linguistic clarity – his beats tell us everything we need to know. 

Paul’s harmonies are also on the modest side of the spectrum, and yet they’re still as much of a melodic treasure as anyone could have hoped to hear from this prolifically talented vocalist. He never has a problem connecting with the backdrop and making the music feel that much more complete and full-bodied, and anyone who would have the audacity to say otherwise has likely never heard the material he’s released over the years. With his veteran skillset, there’s not much he isn’t well-versed in by now. 

The swing of the instruments never feels forced, nor does that of Dorian Paul’s lyrical delivery. He has a very natural relationship with the rhythm of the music, and although there are a couple of moments in which he’s undeniably leading the way with the cadence of his singing, he never steals away the spotlight from the collective – much as many a great bandleader before him once did. He reminds me a lot of his predecessors in gospel here, and I doubt I’m the only observer noting as much this spring season. 

In a discography and a career that has been full of vibrancy around every corner, I think that “Shake It Around” makes for a fine addition and then some. Dorian Paul hasn’t got much left to prove after dedicating over thirty years of his life to this medium, but in “Shake It Around,” he’s giving off the impression that he’s nowhere near the conclusion of his campaign, but instead merely transitioning to the next chapter in the story. It’s an inspiring tale for anyone who appreciates good, organic musicality, and if you’re in that category beside me, I recommend listening to this single as soon as possible. 

Mindy McCall

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