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Lavendine’s most recent single “Open Up A Window”

Families have been making music for as long as popular music has existed, with notable artists in this designated field including The Beach Boys, The Jackson 5, The Carpenters, The Bee Gees, and Oasis, to name a popular few. There’s a sincere sense of familiarity between artists coming from the same background, and twin sisters Jana and Jacy Ayers have seemingly cracked the code by pursuing music under the pop music duo Lavendine.

As far as twin musicians go, the pool is incredibly small to draw from. The telepathic tendencies twins seem to have only elevated the creative process, one can assume, and Lavendine’s most recent single “Open Up A Window” is only a further testament to the bond shared between the Ayers sisters. The beautiful pop production complements the voices of Jana and Jacy, and the duo has something special with their new single. Returning to the musical path after years spent away dealing with medical issues that kept stacking up, listeners are given hints that the sisters are only just getting started with a comeback worthy of massive airplay.

“Open Up A Window” functions both as a reintroduction to the music of Lavendine after their years-long hiatus and the best possible next step for their career arc; the lyrics are sensitive yet defiant, and function entirely as something brave and full of heart. Listeners will surely be able to relate the lyrics to their own lives, but first and foremost the words function as the single strive to close open wounds for the Ayers sisters and help the duo bond through their shared trauma and artistic expression. The best artists can make something that functions both as a piece for themselves as much as it functions for the audience. The single arriving towards the tail-end of a worldwide crisis makes the song all the more fitting, and listeners will find themselves humming along before the song even ends as they slowly wash away the past year of intense dread and uncertainty.

Lavendine’s return feels prophetic and the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect; the combined release of stress feels like a breath of relief that can be shared between anyone willing to give the song a listen. The window has been opened and Lavendine is eager to welcome all listeners in, encouraging a deep breath inward to stabilize and calm the nerves. Jacy and Jana are arriving back on the scene, hopeful and glad to recognize the value of shared trauma and pain. The result is something worth celebrating, a fact the Ayers sisters seem well aware of.

Through and through, the Ayers sisters have quite a way of getting back in touch with themselves after so many years away. As much as one never wants to come across a variety of issues regarding their health, the experience has affected the music Lavendine is making in the aftermath, and sharing their weightless approach to off-loading pain and anguish will certainly find its home within the ears of current audiences.

Mindy McCall



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