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How to connect drum module with PC

As many of us might guess, we have different ways of connecting the best drum module to a personal computer for recording. While some of these methods come easy and affordable, we have methods that are complex and expensive.

Professionals go for the expensive methods of connecting their best drum module to a PC. The reason for their choice is they get more flexibility and better audio quality when it comes to editing and post-production.

You might not be able to record an electronic drum to a DAW if you cannot connect it to a computer. If you want your connection to work, you have to install its driver software. You should configure the module after the software installation and then enable the best drum module as a MIDI controller.

When you complete the process, you can connect to your PC and start your recording. There are two ways to connect the drums to a DAW. You can either connect the drums via USB or MIDI connection.

Options to Connect the Best Drum Module to a PC

The use of iRig

This process is simple and straightforward. You need a standard instrument cable that goes from the mono-out on a drum module straight into the iRig. From here, you link the other end of the iRig into your laptop or phone. The wire goes into the 1/8th inch microphone jack.

The iPhone users should start the standard camera and click on record. You can decide to use a video. The process is simple, too. Point your smartphone’s camera at the drum and start recording.

The smartphone replaces the sound from hitting the rubber pads with the sounds received from the best drum module. Android users might have challenges with the audio working in their camera apps. This is solved by using a third-party camera app and set its mic to “external mic”.

The Use of USB/MIDI Cable

Connecting your drum to a PC can happen when you make use of either a USB or MIDI cable. You connect the cable to the best drum module. This method depends on compatibility, the drum set, and the manufacturer. The drum module must support the cable for it to work. The advantage of using this method is that users can record audio and MIDI to their personal computers.

However, when you want to launch the DAW when using Protocols or Reaper, you have to set the correct input device. The next thing is to arm the right track for your recording. For Roland TD-50, the user can multi-track records from a PC via a USB cable.

You may experience a bit of latency when using a USB cable connected to the drum module to a PC, which can be a bit challenging.

The Use of Audio Interface

The use of an audio interface is the most expensive way of connecting your best drum module to a computer. The process offers the highest audio quality. The method allows users to edit their tracks in different ways. For those who want to record drums to help them with mixing their songs, this method is best for them.

The method is expensive because of the need for a DAW, an audio interface, and drum software. The software offers extra processing power on your PC. You enjoy the best sound production when you use this method.


You should make sure that your PC has the recommended drivers installed correctly, especially if you are using Windows. Check if the audio interface is compatible with your system and the cable is not damaged.



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