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Vic Diggie “Clover And A Leprechaun”

The new track by New York based Rapper, Vic Diggie, “Clover And A Leprechaun” is oozing with energy and intensity. Vic is self-described as an “in your face” artist, and he certainly attempts to justify that moniker on his newest single. Aside from his New York roots, we don’t know a lot about Diggie. He seems to be somewhat new to the scene. At the moment, being shrouded in a bit of mystery is likely to positively enhance and embellish his aura.

One of the biggest takeaways for me after listening to “Clover And A Leprechaun” is how well arranged it is. All of the backing tracks are mixed to blend in with the beats and the vocals, snugly. There are a lot of crossover artists, who are blending Hip Hop with Pop and Dance elements, that are absolutely killing it in the studio, right now. Vic Diggie is no exception, as this track has high quality sound and texture.  It goes a long way, in getting people more invested in a rising artist.

There’s no getting around the fact that “Clover And A Leprechaun,” warrants the dreaded, (or celebrated, depending on who you are) parental advisory addendum. There is a litany of foul language, and overt sexual references , throughout the track. It’s essential to the story, of course, but you do run the risk of alienating a certain segment of people with such uncouth expression. Conversely, it helps establish who Vic Diggie is in the most graphically authentic way, possible. Lyrically, “Clover And A Leprechaun,” could turn some people off, but again, context is king, and Vic Diggie is undeniably and refreshingly real.

Diggie cites a series of relationships, that “never reached a sense of closure,” as the inspiration for “Clover And A Leprechaun”. There is something not only intense about the Rapper, but also an inherent discipline and serious nature to him. Serious people get a bad rap, no pun intended, for being uptight and reserved. The truth of serious people and their motivations, are often things like passion and a commitment to their goals. It’s not as easy to achieve certain kinds of success in the modern landscape, and it’s even more difficult to sustain it.

Impotent/wonder where the love went. As R Rated as his delivery may be, Vic Diggie does offer an effective and somewhat accurate portrayal of relationship dynamics. Our emotions are perpetually influenced by external sources, and that includes the ones we love the most. Balancing intimacy with an existential merger is more complex than you realize, until you are actually attempting it. We instinctively want to assign blame, and point fingers when relationships crumble, but when the storm passes, we realize it was likely a bevy of irreconcilable factors.

For those that favor this blend of genres, “Clover And A Leprechaun” is certainly worth checking out. It is definitely an adults only affair, as Diggie holds absolutely nothing back, and recounts the song’s themes, as if he were sharing them with a friend on a car ride. He is raw, and unfiltered, and for some that is heavily relatable and identifiable. The one comfort is that there is nothing disingenuous about “Clover And A Leprechaun.” With just a little luck, Vic Diggie can get the right people to listen.

Mindy McCall

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