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Larry Jay Shows Romanticism Isn’t Dead On “That Kind Of Love” (Review)

Larry Jay is back with his latest single ‘That Kind Of Love’, voicing that there’s still room for born romantics in the world and he’s more than pleased to be one of them. 

The New York native and now Californian resident said he began writing and performing music “to set my soul free”, and his starry-eyed personality bursts out from his songwriting. A one-man country artist with an Americana-tinged sound, Jay fully leans into more pop music-orientated, mainstream production which his soulful voice lends itself to perfectly.

He makes his influences clear, showing that his connection to country music remains strong. Jay cites both Neil Young and Tom Petty as major inspirations (he shared a stage with Crazy Horse guitarist Sonny Mone during his career, and would’ve loved to have had the chance to play with Petty before his passing), and can you really hear those threads between country rock storytelling anchored with pop music sensibilities.

‘That Kind Of Love’ is purposefully breezy and easy-listening, given that the lyrical content could be mistaken for a ballad if you were to read the words with no music. “Don’t wanna feel the way that Clapton felt, down on his knees” in reference to Derek and the Dominoes’ 1970 blues classic ‘Layla’, one of the most paining songs of the past half-century. But that’s Jay’s songwriting craft in a nutshell – he’s a romantic at heart as this song proudly declares, leaving his humorous side to other tracks of his like ‘Drunk On Dreams’ and ‘2 New Girlfriends’.

“That’s the way that I feel with you, like Johnny Cash with June”, Jay swoons in the song’s first verse, making reference to the lineage of the country greats and the timeless love they famously shared. Who doesn’t desire that kind of lifelong connection? Jay himself is married to his beloved wife, who is very likely the main inspiration behind the upbeat and infectiously listenable love song, so he’s already one step ahead of the game. 

Despite leaning towards more arena-friendly, even anthemic production, intimacy remains at the core of Jay’s songwriting and musicianship. In terms of lyrics, he unabashedly and truthfully relates to his search for “that kind of love” as the song declares, but even on a more practical level he likes to keep his performances simple and personal: “When I perform, it’s just me and my guitar, and my rhythm tracks looper” Jay said in a recent press release, “I like to keep things intimate.” 

Outside of performing, and of course songwriting, Jay volunteers with his local VA hospitals and addiction recovery centers. It’s that hopeful, caring aspect he brings to his life that bleeds through his music, none more obvious than the song’s chorus: “I’ve been waiting my whole life, for that kind of love”, testament to his luminescent positivity and unwavering romanticism. 

“Being told I’m a really great songwriter is the best compliment I could ever receive” Jay himself recently mentioned. With ‘That Kind Of Love’, he looks to have achieved what he set out to do. It’ll be interesting to see which direction he heads toward next.

–Thomas Curtis



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