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Singer/Songwriter Denny Bowen Releases “Bound For Glory”

It’s a great thing when a song shares a personal emotion. And it’s even greater when that personal emotion is universally relatable. Singer and songwriter Denny Bowen channels a variety of musical influences in his genre-defying “Bound For Glory”. This restless song sews together country and roots music and even convinces the listener that they might be listening to a Cajun-style knee-percussion tune. Ripe for the taking and ready and willing for the music fan, “Bound For Glory” is a delightful track. 

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It’s worth nothing that not all the lyrics in “Bound For Glory” are rainbows and roses. Bowen is clear that he’s a recovering alcoholic. It’s noted more in his press materials, and while he doesn’t spend too much time on it in the lyrical content, it’s a given that drinking is part of his story. But like any great story, he continued to evolve. This is the type of song that really grows on the listener. He has such a natural cadence and warmth in this voice that it’s hard to not feel like he’s a new friend. In many ways, Bowen reminded me of John Denver. Not because he’s a ‘good ole boy’ but because you can tell he’s pouring his every breath into this song. His vulnerability is worthy of our attention. 

If you’re reading this and thinking this song is a coming-of-age song and might be taken dark or depressing – think again. “Bound For Glory” is sprite and fun. I was surprised at how easily I was captivated to get up and start clapping. I bounced along merrily to Bowen’s enthusiasm. This song took me to a place that yearned for this ray of light. He has this magical way of making you want to smile and get up and join the gathering. Bowen, who hails from Texas, has a spark of southern charm and even a whisper of Tejano in this song, shows no signs of slowing down. I like where his sound is heading, and I want to be a part of his entourage. He seems like the welcoming type. This song has a component of religion, too. One must realize that the glory he’s talking about is life after death. I think Bowen’s words are poignant and important – even if you’re a non-believer. He certainly doesn’t alienate any listener with his words. Isn’t it nice to listen to a song that inspires and journals overcoming life’s challenges?

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If you’re just looking for a song to whisk you away into the beauty of the environment and your close ones, “Bound For Glory” will work for you. I think this song fits several moods and it gave me confidence. Bowen communicates to his listener that his life has had its challenges, but he’s keeping his head held high and taking ownership of his past. In doing so, Bowen cements his artistry as having candor and humility. I’m anxious to hear his next and for him to reveal another emotive chapter in his life. This one has many pages to turn and he not only lifts up his listeners’ spirits, he capitalizes on a great sound. 

Mindy McCall



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