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Miss Freddye Releases A Gospel/Blues Masterpiece

In a world of fast life and fast living, it is rather useless for someone to look back and try getting comfortable with an old sound. The new styles like Rap, Trap and contemporary pop culture have wrapped the industry with an urban sound that is hard to resist.

Blues have turned out to be the ever-fading music sound that is only listened to on certain occasions or at certain times of the day. Finding an artist in this new age that can sweep you off your feet with a unique sound of Blues is entirely unexpected. Pittsburgh’s “Lady of Blues” has set a bar for the genre in this new age, and she has set her music to move far beyond the still sitting. She is getting airplay as far as California and Scotland. Miss Freddye has set herself out to produce a vintage sound related to something heard in the 30s, 40s, or even the 50s.

Early life and Achievements
Miss Freddye is, and has always been, a sensation when it comes to the sound of blues. She started her singing career with BMW (Blues Music Works), headed by Al “Big Al” Leavitt. Later on, in 2002, Freddye formed her band, “Blue Faze,” which later evolved into “Miss Freddye’s Blues Band.” Transforming their talents into a rich musical form that was indeed the vision they desired, the band went on to achieve so many great things. In addition, Miss Freddye went ahead to create a Homecookin’ band in 2010. This was an acoustic side of the blues.

Being a two-time breast cancer survivor, Freddye has, every year, been involved in numerous charity ventures. Every year, she goes on to hold “Pink day” in Pittsburgh and also goes on to hold benefit concerts for domestic violence awareness. Such a sensation!

In 2008, Miss Freddye and her band competed in the West Virginia blues competition, won for the state, and went to the 2009 international blues competition representing the West Virginia Blue society (WVBS). In 2012, Freddye competed in the Blues Society of Western PA as a duo act with her bandmate and guitarist Greg “G-man” Casile. They emerged as winners. Today, Miss Freddye performs with both her bands around Western and Central PA, West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, and many other parts of the world.

New Single
On April 28th, 2021, Miss Freddye released yet another hit blues/gospel single, “Something to Believe In” In this song, she defines how lost so many people are in their lives today. “We all need something to believe in” that is just like a light that is there to see us through. The lyrics in this song are refreshing and encouraging, with a rich vocal sound and impeccably performed instruments playing in the background to make it an entire masterpiece.

You can check this latest single by Miss Freddye from Apple music or even from her socials;
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