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EP Review: “Head Fake Vs. Dub Fu Masters”

As an avid lover of house music, I was elated to see that Head Fake and Dub Fu Masters were collaborating on an EP. I was even more excited to see that two of the three tracks were remixes of two of my favorite songs by Head Fake: “One Step” and “Overjoyed.” This is exactly the kind of music that is needed in the trying times that so many people find themselves in. Music that is euphoric and joyful. That is the perfect way to describe this spellbinding EP: “Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters.”

As I said before, I am already a fan of “One Step.” It is wonderfully upbeat and perfect for the dance floor. I did not think that the song could be improved upon until I heard the remix. I was a bit skeptical, but my willingness to give it a shot paid off. It has more of a buildup than the original and truly has a completely different vibe. It is every bit as upbeat, with an aura that is a bit more sinister.

It is very hypnotic and really draws you in. I felt like I was transported to a 90’s dance floor. Given the isolating environment that the world is still in, that is exactly what is needed.

“Trump Funk” starts off with moody guitars and quickly develops as the melody and beat join the fray. This song also has a truly funky feel to it. The bass is a nice touch and blends well with the rhythmic beat. The electric guitar that is showcased about halfway through the song switches things up for a bit and sounds like the soundtrack to a night-time drive through the Hollywood Hills. Then the song quickly bursts back into energetic life for its remainder. It is a solid track.

My favorite song is the reimagining of “Overjoyed.” It is the midnight rave version of the original and has a personality all its own. The melody of this track has a touch of melancholia which makes for a wonderful counterpoint to the inspiring lyrics. Overall, the track is very positive and infectious. It is probably the most immediately accessible song for the average listener and remains my favorite song on the EP.

In a time where the entire world seems to be in an uproar in every way imaginable, this is the kind of music that will deliver that extra shot of adrenaline that can make a person’s day. It is energetic, exciting music that has the wonderful ability to inspire a person to look for the positive in a world full of the negative. It is the kind of music that can help someone let loose and unwind when it is needed the most. Club music has that power, and it is on full display here. This is a truly inspired collaboration and I hope there will be more.

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