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What Kind of Music Should Play in an Online Casino?

In brick and mortar casinos the music is playing non-stop, so it’s only reasonable that you use it for your online casino experience as well. So, let’s see what kind of music is appropriate for this gaming experience.

The Most Popular Music in Online Slots

Slot machines usually have a lot of sound effects that are used as indicators when something important happens in the game, and that can be tied to a theme of the slots game. However, almost all real money casinos Canada websites also use background music in these games to facilitate a better mood for the players. So, you are likely to hear songs or at least melodies that resemble some of the following themes:

  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Jazz
  • Samba 
  • Disco songs

Why Do You Need Music in an Online Casino?

Video games have been using background music in order to improve player immersion. A lot of companies actually create soundtracks specifically for the game to align with its theme. When it comes to casino Zodiac or any other online gambling platform the same principle applies. The music is not supposed to be unnoticeable, it is supposed to blend perfectly and heighten the emotion you feel while playing. This is why different games have different themes and different background music. That being said, players should always have the option to tune out the music if they don’t like it, or if they want to listen to something in a different tab. 

Is It True That Music Helps You Feel the Atmosphere of the Game?

Both music and sound effects do help facilitate a better atmosphere and better player experience. The more our senses are engaged the more immersive the overall gameplay experience will be. This is why sound in slots games is important because these games have hundreds of different themes. In order for the developers to really drive the theme home, and sell us that unique experience both visual and audio design must align with the theme of the slots game. Even if the game mechanics are the same, racing slots, and ancient Egypt slots should have a vastly different feel when it comes to audio and visuals.

How to Choose the Right Online Casino?

This is an important element of game design, but is it important for players when choosing where they want to play? Even though the music in online casino improves the overall experience, it’s not something players typically concern themselves with prior to choosing an online casino. They mostly focus on payment methods available, welcome bonuses, other user reviews, and payout time. That being said, if they have two equally good choices, they will likely play there where it feels better, which is why music does count to some extent.


Hopefully, you found this interesting, and see value in having a quality sound design in your games. It might come off as only a minor detail, but it can be more important than what we give it credit for.



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