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Krisanthi Pappas – “Hug a Million Times (A Million Hugs)

I’ll admit, I’m starting to enjoy some of the musical side effects of the pandemic. While many indie artists took a naturally cathartic route of vocalizing their frustrations about being trapped indoors, being unable to see loved ones, and ya’ know. The constant paranoia, fear, and tension. Lately, however, I’ve seen a steady upswing of musical acts who are instead using their talents to contribute to a stronger sense of positivity and the sensation that we’ve overcome this, at least for now, and we should take the time to appreciate each other now while we can really be in the present. Krisanthi Pappas really channels these feelings into her toe tapping, her new single “Hug a Million Times (A Million Hugs). You might not “know” Pappas, but you actually do. Her musical fingerprint being present not only acting as a stellar pre-show act for the likes of Queen With Adam Lambert, Steely Dan, and Chicago.

URL: https://krisanthi.com/

You may also be aware of her award-winning songs that have been featured in television shows on “Parenthood”, “Passions”, and “Once Upon a Time” to name a few. There’s an interesting overlap that maybe isn’t discussed enough when it comes to television music writing and traditional pop or adult contemporary. “Hug a Million Times” is wildly catchy, and that’s not a surprise as Pappas has truly mastered her craft as a songwriter for these shows and part of writing for any film or television media is that you want to make it really memorable and enjoyable in the context of the show, and apart from it. “Hugs” sounds like it could be an intro for a pandemic-themed television show, or at least the closing credits after the nightmare has ceased, but it also sounds like the kind of song Electric Light Orchestra or Hall and Oates could have performed. It’s peppy and layered.

Krishanthi knows her vocal register and it’s tightly honed and it’s never overproduced, but it’s not sparse on details. There’s also a genuine earnest quality to it that makes it genuinely feel timeless beyond the pandemic. The cheery quality might be a deal-breaker for some, especially those looking for a more “angry” catharsis instead of this warm hug of a track. It’s an earworm and wildly memorable and it comes from a genuinely pure place. It would be untruthful to say that Pappas doesn’t have a major impact on music for both television and otherwise because it’s very clear that she’s an outstanding talent who truly deserves more time in the spotlight. Whether it’s her intent to make more feel-good ditties or maybe dive a little into the murkier feelings that have been spurred because of the pandemic, but I for one will be lining up to listen to any and every new release from her.

Pappas represents what the future of post-pandemic music acts can be. Where hopefully we’ll let go of anger, call up that person we haven’t seen in a long time, hug them and hold them for a long time. It means more now than it ever has.

Mindy McCall

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