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Nightfly Releases “Who’s In” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

Any time a song talks about kicking off any type of shoes, let alone Sunday’s best shows, you know a good time is about to happen. It’s party time and everyone is invited. Leading the grooves and happily getting the crowd going to is the Floridian band, Nightfly. Their new song, “Who’s In” is a who’s who of funk, fun and feverish beats. This song has a plethora of chill vibes, and just the right amount of jazzy jams to color your mood. 

In between the fun banter and the urge to join in on the fun, lead singer Diane Moore reminds listeners of the importance to “make time for one another” and “take time for sisters and brothers”. In a world full of deadlines, obligations, fast-paced cars and constant distractions, it’s so refreshing to sit back and really listen to a song that encapsulates carefree living. Not even the drums sound demanding or fast-paced in this track. The grooves seem to be gooey and glued together with seamless efforts. It’s a charming mix of Americana, pop, jazz and funk. On the first few listens, it’s all keys and percussion, but by the third and fourth, the guitar and the bass really reveal themselves. 

You can tell this band pulls their influences from a wide range of artists and genres. One band that kept coming to mind is Rufus. I’m not sure why they kept coming up, especially since Rufus came from Chicago, but maybe it’s the wild mix of jazz and funk. While Moore might not have the soul like Chaka Khan, she has great instincts and feels very at ease behind the mic. She’s relaxed and that in turn gives the listener a great chance to slip into the flow. Percolating below Moore’s southern-fried vocals (she’s a bit bluesy and raspy) is an electric piano and juicy bass guitar. After a few listens, the killer backing music is just so engaging. It’s like every time you can almost feel the bass lines throbbing, almost reach out and touch that thrilling organ sound. I know it’s not a Hammond B Organ, but in a few instances, I had to do a double-take. Moore just sweeps in-and-out of the music like she’s in a dance with the instruments. Joining Moore in Nightfly are Seth Bernstein, Andre Follot, Mike E. Styx and Whitey Bryan. 

I can’t help but think that “Who’s In” is the perfect summer kickoff song. But it also has the legs to feel like an any-time of year song. It’s inviting and the message is positive and universal. When you hear that music transcends languages and crosses barriers, it’s songs like “Who’s In” that checks all the boxes. Great beat – check. Great vocals and harmonies – check. Great tones – check. Great connection – check. High marks indeed for Nightfly’s “Who’s In”. Be sure to check it out. If you’re a fan of Rufus, Jimmy Buffet, Phish and a slew of other classic rock and jam bands, then you won’t want to miss out on “Who’s In” by Nightfly. 

Mindy McCall



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