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Zack Landry Shows Off Extensive Range On “Hold On”

With the driven motif of never forgetting the purpose of your gift, Zack Landry’s Hold On is an invigorating neo-soul track with a jazzy twist.

By the age of 15, Zack Landry had a natural knack for playing music by ear—spending many of his moments behind a keyboard playing his favorite tracks without having to learn them, all he needed were his ears.

During this time, Landry heard from countless people that he should take music seriously, since not many people and musicians in general, can play by ear.

It was at that moment where Landry was placed in classes where to learn how to read music. Throughout his growth as a musician, Landry’s family strongly believes Landry’s music ability is a gift from God, a notion that Landry doesn’t take for granted.

Hold On begins with an incredible scale passage from guitar, drums, and bass, and Landry declaring the song stands for holding on and staying strong during times of distress.

After another scale passage, the verse hits with Landry’s signature vocal delivery style. His voice is accessible on the ears and showcases his extensive range, a facet not every vocalist can say they have.

The band does an excellent job accompanying Landry’s vocals, playing beautifully in the neo-soul space. The music has instances of showcasing the band’s talent, but not to the degree that it becomes a nuisance of overperforming.

The religious overtone continues along as Landry, with the help of a choir tells the listener to hold on, be strong, that you’ll make it. Before the chorus concludes, Landry’s voice goes into overdrive, satisfying the listener to feel the stalwart message of having faith.

The track takes a dynamic shift in its second verse, where the choir and Landry continue to sing along the faith-driven motif of the track. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s an uplifting message that every person should hear from time to time.

It continues to build and build, where Landry yet again hits his higher register, an impressive feat to hear from any vocalist. Then, before you know it, the driving outro comes to life with booming yeahs and Landry’s more shouting-like delivery.

The track concludes with some impressive guitar work and drum fills, while Landry plays along scale-wise through his voice. By the end of it, the energy surrounding the track runs through your body, feeling more stimulated and invigorated than ever before.

Prior to the release of Hold On, Landry performed in a group called, Phaze. The group came to life in 2008 when Zack was asked to lead praise and worship at his church.

Several years later, in October 2015, Landry and Phaze recorded Come On, Praise Him and performed at the New Orleans Jazzfest on the Gospel Stage as well as the New Orleans Chapter of Gospel Music Workshop of America.

That same year, Landry was the winner of the Rhythm of Gospel Best Contemporary Artist, and in 2016, he won the NOLA Award for Best Contemporary Artist.

In short, if you’re a fan of neo-soul music, Zack Landry is an artist you need to keep on your radar.



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