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Andy Michaels (feat. Sharon Court) – “She Reminds Me of Beautiful”

Australia’s Andy Michaels continues to inspire and ignite the inner beauty and true soul of a song in his newest release, “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” featuring Sharon Court. While Court is wonderful, offering a different tone and tenor to Michaels’ melodies, the real star of the song is the emotive response. As a listener, it’s naturally embedded into the swooping music bed, the enchanting acoustic guitar to offer such a bouquet of love. “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” is a wonderful pop/adult contemporary single that further establishes Michaels as an endearing artist with a world of talent. 

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The chatter of the drumbeat, almost like rain drops hitting on a sidewalk, is fodder to imagine this song as flipping through a family picture album. Michaels, a gifted storyteller, gives his listeners a song that encapsulates the love of family, the miracle of children and parenthood. When I look into her eyes, I see you there, he sings. His voice is modest, calm and content. The backing music, a symphony of sounds and beauty, especially the strings reminded me of what I can only propose the sound of sunlight sounding like. Just as The Beach Boys give us the sound of endless summer hit-after-hit, Michaels has found a way to package the sound of eternal joy and comfort in his musical bedrock. Court has a very distinct voice, and I can’t be sure, but I think there are a few moments of autotune. It worked in this case and is a nice balance to Michaels’ sections and arrangements. The final mix of the song is so lush, and breathtaking. I would dare say it’s almost so elegant you have to hold it with kid gloves, it’s that special. 

“She Reminds Me of Beautiful” is lyrically fascinating and true to the title, as is the evolving music bed. It’s such a wide canvas of bolds and pastels – a movement of life cycles at every turn. One can always feel at peace listening to Michaels – his previous works like “Angel” and “Darling It Hurts” have connected with audiences around the globe. He taps into the heart strings and the power of the human spirit in his songs. His music changes lives – just as his own survival story after a devastating car crash could have left him a cynic. Michaels is the prime example of the phrase ‘music heals’. A magic transpires in “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” and it might not be in the typical heavy tempo form, but it dances its way into the heart and soul of the listener. Michaels has once again reminded all his listeners that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s also all around us and between us all. 

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I’ve been a fan of Michaels work in the past and on each listen, I discover what I can only perceive is him. He gives his all in his lyrics, and they appear to reflect his character. “She Reminds Me of Beautiful” is a must-listen.

Mindy McCall

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