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Don’t let looks fool you. The sounds that come out of this mans mouth are straight fire. Accompanied by killer beats, his songs are a “Must Hear”.

With his background as a trained pianist, NG Fresh mixes classical piano melodies and rhymes mixed with hardcore hip hop, trap, R&B, and classical together to formulate an updated and unique sound to the landscape of modern hip hop. Fresh’s first single, “Onslaught”, dropped on April 24, 2019. From there, Fresh worked on new singles and was in the process of forming his 1st project. Initially released as a mixtape in February 2020, The Fresh Effect was rereleased as a 8 track album on August 1, 2020, with 5 singles: “Starlight”, “Hard Truths”, “Distance”, “Showtime” and “Perspective”.

The rapper continues to experiment with the Fresh Effect formula while adding new genres and styles of music into the blend as well as more introspective content. He is currently reworking his 2nd album, and released the EP “Preliminary Sketches of Nature” on May 28, 2021 with 3 previously released singles and a new track, all of which were finished tracks off the original sessions for his upcoming 2nd album, “Sounds of Nature”.

Hey, very happy to welcome you to the Radio Show and Podcast community. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Introduce yourself to the community.

For those hearing of me for the first time, I’m NG Fresh, real name Noah Georgis. I am a multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and producer hailing from a small town out in the middle of nowhere called New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. I play piano, keyboards, guitar, a tad bit of bass, and program drums electronically, and I’ve been songwriting and rapping since I was a teenager in high school.

One thing that I’m always interested in, when I sit down and chat with artists, is what their defining moment was that they knew that they wanted to be in music… What was that moment in time for you?

I’ve always loved music, ever since I was in diapers. I used to sing along to the Barney tapes all the time. I also picked up a love for classic rock music as a child from David Bowie to the Beatles to Queen, and so on. When I heard the Beatles for the first time in the car, the song “Revolution” came on the radio, I connected with it instantaneously, and that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue music for my career. Soon I picked up piano lessons at 8, and taught myself some guitar, a bit of bass, and programming from there.

Do you mix and master yourself or do you have an engineer or a producer that works with you?

For the most part, I mix and master myself, though I have a couple of friends that will occasionally help and provide pointers. My song “Places to Go” was co-produced by a good friend of mine, Sam Sterner. I also send my songs to online mastering services as well to try and bring out the piece and give it some more life and texture.

What motivates you? Not just in your music but in your normal life as well.

Not wanting to remain the same as the last day. I always want to be progressing in life as well as my music, so I always try to find ways of improving myself, whether it’s through certain musical techniques, or in life, lifting weights especially. My mother especially provides motivation for me as well, as well as my two brothers and two sisters.

I am personally on a mission to get good music heard by everyone. What is one thing that bothers you the most about trying to come up in the music world today and, do you prefer being underground or, is the mainstream something you strive for?

Everything is so saturated these days in my opinion. Because everyone wants to get themselves heard, people try to follow a template or formula that’s proven to work for others, rather than have confidence in their own originality. I prefer staying underground because I don’t have the pressure of fitting a certain mold or expectation that might be different from who I am. If staying true to myself makes me mainstream, then so be it, but I like being able to create music and not have to put on an image for people and have to live up to that image 24/7. Not to mention being underground, you have the freedom to live life normally and still get to the money instead of being photographed and followed all day for the rest of your life.

Who, musically, is one of your bigger influences?

I have a wide range of influences that range in various genres. The Beatles were the ones that got me into music and are the reason I make music today. In addition, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Griselda, Royce da 5’9, Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley, Huey Lewis & the News, Hall & Oates, Pink Floyd, Queen, the Kinks, Jimi Hendrix…I could go on all day listing influences.

One question that I like to ask artists is, how did Covid affect your music in particular and the music scene in your area?

There haven’t been any real concerts in my area during COVID. I think that’s just starting to come back as things are returning to normal in Pennsylvania. But as far as I know, COVID didn’t influence my music too much ‘cause I still had to go to work throughout the whole pandemic. I worked in retail and kept active, so the day to day grind is what motivates a lot of my music.

I, myself, personally think that there’s too much social media out there to keep up with. I understand why it’s necessary but there’s a ton of it out there. What are your feelings on social media and music today?

I think that social media is a great way to market yourself and connect with others to increase your chances of getting heard. But I also believe that it saturates the market too much, which makes it counterintuitive, ironically, to get yourself heard. There’s so many platforms and so many artists that are creating the music and their brands, but I also believe that people get bored of artists quicker because of the instant stimulation social media provides. So there’s pros and cons to the social media aspect of things.

Do you create music often? When can we expect another release?

I make music as often as I can. I create a lot more beats and instrumentals than I’m writing lyrics because as an artist, I don’t like to recycle bars or even concepts for that matter. I sometimes get bouts of writer’s block, and the only thing that truly helps me erase it is to step away from the project for a while and return to it when inspired. My song “Internal Flame” was actually written about some of the frustrating aspects of making music, including writer’s block and overall lack of inspiration. As a matter of fact, I just released an EP of songs initially finished for the album because I had to redo the whole album. I’m currently in the process of redoing my second album due to writer’s block as well as I dropped singles from it with that being mostly all I finished on it. I didn’t want to have all the singles finished, and then people wait a year or two, which by that point, I’d probably would’ve released the whole album in singles. In my opinion, that builds no anticipation for anything if you’re gonna gradually release everything. So I want to release something when I have a collection that I’m confident in. For right now, you can check out my newest EP Preliminary Sketches of Nature on all streaming platforms.

I grew up in the 90’s, I listened to everyone from Dr. Dre, to Weezer, to Pink Floyd, Metallica, Cypress Hill and back again. I truly believe that the 90’s were one of the greatest era’s for original music. Which era of music is one of your favorites?

For me, a lot of my inspiration comes from the 1980s, because you had a whole melting pot of genres that were killing it at the time, such as new wave, hip hop forming into the powerhouse it is today, rock and roll mixing with soul and R&B, sampling coming to the forefront, electronic, new jack swing, heavy metal..you had everything. The early 2000s in hip hop and R&B would be a close second for me too, since that was my childhood era.

If you could swap yourself into a different artist, who would it be?

Most probably Eminem. I say him because I would love to have the ability to constantly think of rhymes, punchlines and that without having to even blink like he does.

What tips or advice would you give someone that’s just starting out in the music game?

Stay true to yourself most importantly. Your true personality in my opinion is gonna resonate best in your sound and in your music brand. You wanna give everything you got as well, and to never sell yourself short just because it’s the first thing that comes your way. God’s timing is perfect, so if he says you’re not late popping off, then trust that you’re on time.

I want to thank you for this Q&A, Is there anything you want to say to everyone out there? Shout outs?

I wanna thank everyone who supports my music, and I want to thank any new listeners who are discovering me for the first time. I also wanna shout out to my mother, my brothers, Jordan and David, my sisters Emily and Hannah. As well as my producer friends Sam Sterner and Daniel Yates for always giving me honest feedback and tips to enhance my music.

Follow NG Fresh at the links below. And, You’ll be able to hear him on my underground show which is reformatting to YouTube. To stay up to date please visit http://www.pulseradiotampabay.com/contact

IG: https://www.instagram.com/ngfresh99/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3IqTFoaVKJAF9VEHPjdq0Q?si=hjykOPWnT_qGtfWAdcuZJQ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCozenlufnxIXhpP11Slzfnw

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-137777261
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/ng-fresh/1460803787



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